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If FPS Games Were Realistic

FPS games are arguably the most exciting games out there! You’re deployed into a battlefield, dodge bullets left and right and shoot at the enemies while bleeding out! 703 more words


Playing Games Past Their Prime

I’m about to type something that might prove…irksome.


I don’t get Shadow of the Colossus.

Oh, I heard that gasp! alright. But hear me out. 866 more words


The uniqueness of NieR: Automata's soundtrack vocals

GAMING, DISCUSSION – Ever since I first saw gameplay footage for NieR: Automata, there’s always that glorious, wonderful soundtrack accompanied with vocals that seem to be gibberish. 616 more words


Nintendo Switch: Another failure?

Has Nintendo Switch really taken a turn for the worst? After successfully nailing the first weeks of its sales, it looks like all the hype and anticipation has really gone down, washed away and replaced by disappointment. 526 more words


The Biggest Update Ever?!

Ever since the hype for Clash of Clans has died over a year ago, Supercell has been working hard for months on the biggest update in Clash of Clans history ever! 1,392 more words


The Best Minecraft Resource Pack. Ever. Seriously.

Alright, maybe we’ve over exaggerated the title a little and put a lot, (Ahem), a little clickbait, but this resource pack is borderline awesome. It feels like you’re playing a whole new game! 264 more words


For the Better, or For the Worst?

Much controversy has been going around the gaming world regarding Paladins. For the gamers who haven’t heard of Paladins, most people call it an ‘Overwatch Clone’, or an ‘Overwatch rip-off’. 175 more words