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Gaming News: New Walking Dead Game Released

A new game based on the global phenomenon The Walking Dead has been released today (August 27).

The Walking Dead: Road To Survival is a mobile RPG that takes it’s inspiration from the original comic book series. 123 more words


You could win an Island if you pre-order Just Cause 3

Companies are always finding new and ingenious ways to get you to pre-order games from exclusive content or cool little trinkets that places like GameStop will give you. 110 more words


GOG Galaxy Update Released

For those who daringly checked the box asking GOG Galaxy to receive preview updates, GOG Galaxy update 1.1.0 is now live. The update adds some much asked for features, but is it ready to take it’s older competitors Steam and Origin? 331 more words

Gaming News

Madden commercial is interesting

So the start of a new Football season is upon us and with that comes a new Madden game to get you pumped up and excited for football. 33 more words


Launch trailer for Zombi

Long ago Ubisoft mentioned that they were porting over Zombi U over to the PS4, Xbox One and PC. We finally get our first official trailer for the game. 27 more words


Uncharted 4 Collection

During this years E3, PlayStation announced and revealed Uncharted 4, along side it they also announced Uncharted collection with all 3 games coming to the PS4. 25 more words


Limited Edition Star Wars PS4

I’m sure many Star Wars fans will enjoy hearing this bit of news. Sony is bringing out a Limited Edition PS4 console with a picture of Vader himself as well a sweet looking control to go along with it. 67 more words