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One more Pokemon to add to your Sun/Moon Pokedex

This is for all my Poke fans who have beat either Pokemon Sun or Moon a special treat awaits you. As we all know the Pokemon Company has been very generous this year with a legendary giveaway each month in honor of the 20th anniversary of the franchise and since December is a month of giving they have decided to give away legendary Pokemon Magearna for anyone who has beat the game. 41 more words


A trailer for The Last Of Us II drops

Along with the Video Game Awards, Sony had it PlayStation experience event this weekend and they dropped some trailers for up and coming games including a sequel to one of the best game for the PS3 The Last Of Us. 64 more words

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Conan takes on Final Fantasy 15

Generally when I watch Conan’s Clueless Gamer I do it to find some amusement with a side of what you can consider a game review. His latest video of Final Fantasy 15 with Elijah Wood might make some people reconsider their pre-order of Final Fantasy 15 or at the very least you might laugh at Conan’s comments about the game after all he is still a comedian. 83 more words


Nintendo wants you to start your holiday shopping early

It always seems like every year companies are thinking of potential holiday sales earlier and earlier and this year is no exception. Nintendo has already put out a short 30 second commercial on some of their hot items for this holiday season from the new Pokemon games, a Disney game and of course those amiibo characters that some people enjoy.  45 more words


GameStop getting into the retro business

It seems that GameStop really wants to get into the retro game business and they will now take in your old games. While I want to applaud GameStop for doing this, they don’t have a very good track record when it comes to getting into the retro games. 148 more words


Time to catch some spooky Pokemon

Halloween is just around the corner and Pokemon Go is celebrating by spawning more of those spooky Pokemon that go bump in the night such as Ghastly, Drowzee and of course those pesky Zubats. 26 more words


Time to go back and revisit the old west with Rockstar

While many were excited to finally see how the NX officially called the Nintendo Switch will function people were got excited this week from Rockstar slowly revealing Red Dead Redemption with a short teaser trailer that simply tidbits of what we can expect from the game like a very large and beautiful open world to a possible multiplayer and really not much else besides the fact that we wont have to wait for this game too much if consider a year not to long of a wait. 28 more words