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Time to meet the bad guys in Tom Clancy's The Division

Nearly a month before Tom Clancy’s The Division comes out and were getting more and more trailers to get us excited for the game. In the latest trailer we are introduced to the factions that you will come across in the game all with unique skills and battle tactics that you will have to overcome in order to survive. 60 more words


Lots of action in the new Doom trailer

The newest trailer for Doom, one of the most anticipated games of 2016 just dropped. The trailer is packed with over the top gore and non stop action. 43 more words


Odin Sphere Storybook trailer

One of my favorite titles from the PS2 era is making its way to the PS4 in HD fashion of course the game I’m referring to is Odin Sphere a game that came out back in 2007 which looked amazing then and looks even more stunning now.  57 more words


Should EA pull out of E3? Are the Fine Brothers allowed to own React?

So there have been a couple of things in the news that have catched my eye this week which I think everyone has an opinion on. 1,716 more words

Let's Discuss...

The future of The Repopulation

Rather exciting news appeared while I was sleeping: The Repopulation will come back*! The developers (Above and Beyond Technologies) decided to leave the Hero Engine behind and port the game to the Unreal Engine. 528 more words

Other Games

EA says farewell to E3

EA the company behind many great titles like Dragon Age, Need for Speed, Mass Effect and all those sports titles announced that they will no longer be a big presence at gaming biggest party/showcase E3 instead it will be host its own event a few days prior too and make it more accessible to people. 255 more words


TMNT are back to save Manhattan

I didn’t even know about this game was coming out or even in the works but now that I do I’m excited for it and if game lives up to the hype of this trailer than I cant wait to play it. 104 more words