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Witcher 3: New Trailer Analysis + More Info!

Hey Witcher fans! There has been a TON of new gameplay footage, news articles, and information posted about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt lately, so I figured I’d gather some articles here for you to browse through. 190 more words


The return of Guitar Hero

Rhythm games were all the rage a few years back and spread like wildfire and eventually evolved to be more than just games, they became away to teach you how to play an instrument but slowly we started to see a decline in games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. 108 more words


Select GameStop Stores to Accept Retro Videogame Systems

GameStop will start taking trade-ins for your retro video game systems starting on April 25th. 83 more words


Make movies in GTA 5

While console gamers have enjoyed Grand Theft Auto 5 for many months now and PC gamers still waiting for the game to release, looks like the wait will be worth it. 66 more words


Kojima-sama leaves Konami

These last couple of weeks the twitter verse has been lit up with the news of video game industry giant Hideo Kojima leaving the house that he helped build that is Konami. 187 more words


Halo 5 :Guardian trailer

During tonight’s season finale of  season 5 of the Walking Dead we got a new trailer for Halo 5 : Guardians. In the trailer we see a lonely spartan walking through the ruins of a city only to come face to face with Master Chief himself.   55 more words


What is L.E.A.F.? - Plants vs Zombies Teaser

Today, the Plants vs Zombies YouTube channel was infiltrated by a transmission from “L.E.A.F”. So who or what is L.E.A.F.? A covert team of undercover plant agents? 116 more words