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Time to go back and revisit the old west with Rockstar

While many were excited to finally see how the NX officially called the Nintendo Switch will function people were got excited this week from Rockstar slowly revealing Red Dead Redemption with a short teaser trailer that simply tidbits of what we can expect from the game like a very large and beautiful open world to a possible multiplayer and really not much else besides the fact that we wont have to wait for this game too much if consider a year not to long of a wait. 28 more words


Nintendo Switch

How about that Nintendo NK I mean Nintendo Switch trailer. Finally a few of the many questions we have on the device were answered. First of the controller which started of as your typical controller aside from them looking like a Wii/U controller detaches from the controller base and attaches to the Switch screen to be an on the go console. 204 more words


Another Pokemon trailer

It’s time for another trailer for the much-anticipated Pokemon Sun/Moon game set to come out next month. In this new trailer we get to see the second forms of the 3 starters. 144 more words


Beyond Good & Evil 2 ?

Looks like Michael Ancel is at it at again by possibly teasing fans with a picture posted on Instagram for Beyond Good & Evil with the caption ” Somewhere in system 4 … – Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible !”. 102 more words


Can Video Games Influence Politics?

It’s not usually two topics I would put together; video games and politics. One of them involves back stabbing, lying, bribery and false promises- the other one you do all the above but playing on a console. 1,423 more words

Gaming News

New Pokemon trailer

The Pokemon game is nearly 2 months away and were still getting more details with this latest trailer that shows us some exclusive Pokemon depending on the version of the game you get. 111 more words


Bethesda Mods on PS4 are no more

Well this is pretty sad, after many months of hard work has decided not to approve Bethesda mods for games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim which is now being delaying due to this set back. 204 more words