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Microsoft Leaks Details On Controller Redesign

Via Microsoft’s main website, new details of a Xbox One controller redesign have surfaced. Many members of the press have speculated that this new controller design will be announced formally at this upcoming E3 (2015).  132 more words

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New Yooka-Laylee Characters Revealed

Playtonic Games revealed today a new set of characters for its recently announced, Banjo and Kazooie like 3D platformer, Yooka-Laylee.

The new characters are referred to as “The Ghost Writers,” and are the masterminds responsible for the magical books of the realm of Yooka-Laylee that contain its various levels. 269 more words


Sony Talks Digital Distribution And The Shift Away from Physical Retail

SCE President Andrew House talks digital distribution and the shift away from physical retail occurring this generation.

At Sony’s Investor Relations Day 2015 presentation, House spoke about the improved network features of the PS4 over the PS3 and believes that it’s one of the drivers for the shift. 123 more words


Microsoft Is Releasing A Redesigned Xbox One Controller

Microsoft has released details on a new redesigned controller.

The document outlines the features of a redesigned Xbox One controller and suggests that the new design is scheduled to be released in June, possibly at or after E3. 72 more words


FIFA 16 Will Feature International Womens Teams

EA has revealed that for the first time, its flagship soccer franchise will include playable women’s teams.

Announced via a new trailer and press release, FIFA 16 will feature 12 women’s teams: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the USA. 198 more words


Steam Summer Sale coming to gamers in mid-June

According to #Valve’s social networking site in Russia, the Steam Summer Sale is expected to to #launch #June 11th.

The message translates into the following: 122 more words

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