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Old Skool Retro Gaming: Sword Coast Legends Is (Nearly) Here

Joyous news for all of us isometric, pause-button, tactical DnD gameplay addicted people around the globe. Sword Coast Legends just dropped a new trailer from PAX Prime, and the game is utterly awesome and also really really beautiful. 219 more words

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Have you been looking for an excuse to go back to Thedas? Well, you’re in luck! The next DLC to Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC will be called Trespasser. 42 more words


Guild Wars 2: Now Free to Play!

Just a quick note to say that Guild Wars 2 is free-to-play as of right now! Yep, they turned the switch immediately. :)

There are some restrictions, as was to be expected. 108 more words

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Insomnia 55: World-Class Team Fortress 2

The concept of football (or soccer to our American readers) has never gelled with me for some reason. I have nothing bad to say against those who like the sport or (mostly) even those who play the sport. 232 more words

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Carmageddon Reincarnation update reveals Linux and Mac builds on the way

A generation of gamers coming to the end of a decade of 2D, wireframe, and corridor #combat, it was an awesome introduction to the concept of the “real” 3D # 296 more words

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PixlCross puzzle game now on Greenlight for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

#PixlBit Studios #announced their upcoming inaugural title,  PixlCross , for the Linux, Mac, Windows PC and Wii U. Developed over the course of a year, husband and wife indie developers, Nick and Francesca DiMola, are finally ready to reveal their #creation to the gaming world. 346 more words

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Company of Heroes 2 real-time strategy now released for Linux and Mac

The World War II #realtime #strategy game Company of Heroes2  is out now for Linux and Mac via #Steam and will be released on the Mac App Store soon.  311 more words

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