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InXile Entertainment continues to improve RPG Wasteland 2 visuals and modding

Released last year, InXile Entertainment continues to update its crowdfunded #RPG, Wasteland 2. Now, the team has #expanding upon its original #plans for further post-release support, coming in changes such as “ 376 more words

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Underworld Ascendant hits Kickstarter goal and breaking $600K

Ultima Underworld developer Paul Neuarth, along with the other members of #OtherSideEntertainment, launched a Kickstarter less than a month ago, looking to fund Underworld Ascendant. 260 more words

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Shadowrun Online picked up by publisher Nordic Games

Shadowrun Online is getting a #new injection of #funding from its new publisher, Nordic Games. The game should not to be confused with Hairbrained Schemes’ single player… 167 more words

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Jetpack Squad a 2D side-scrolling schmup coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC

A 2D side-scrolling #shooter with physics-driven animation and crazy action is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC from the #developer of #Intrusion2. The designer is working on a new game called… 158 more words

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Sublevel Zero first-person roguelike announced for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Indie developer Sigtrap and independent games publisher Mastertronic are thrilled to #announce 6DoF #shooter Sublevel Zero is blasting its way to #Linux, Mac and Windows PC this summer! 444 more words

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Highly Anticipated Nintendo 3DS Games of 2015

2015! A good year for all lucky 3DS owners! This article essentially talks about the frequently talked about games that are coming soon. Here’s a couple of the games that are on this list. 368 more words

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'Mortal Kombat X' Reveals Brutalities: NSFS (Not Safe for Stomach)

Just when you thought the Mortal Kombat franchise couldn’t be anymore unforgiving for the squeamish, Mortal Kombat X creators NetherRealm Studios have unveiled a new form of extreme finishers in the highly anticipated fighting game: Brutalities! 235 more words