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Gaming On A Budget: Red Dead Redemption

The store on Xbox 360 currently has a Spring Sale going on, and among those is Red Dead Redemption, perhaps one of the greatest games of all time. 1,064 more words


Silliest Game Ever?: Broforce Review

With March rolling in, Playstation Plus has a few more free games for its paying members, and one of these is perhaps one of the silliest games I’ve ever played; … 1,152 more words


Gaming On A Budget: Blacklight Retribution

We all love games with epic stories, lovable characters dramatic set pieces, but every now and again, who doesn’t want to just sit back and play a simple FPS multiplayer game with friends? 819 more words


Gaming on a Budget: Asura’s Wrath

I love just about anything with over the top insanity. I couldn’t care less what the actual story and emotions are if you present me with a world that is bursting with ridiculous action and larger than life characters. 916 more words


Gaming on a Budget: Homefront Edition


Platform: PS3, Xbox360

Genre: Story based military shooter

Price: I got it for $4, can be found between $4 – $10… 622 more words


Gaming On A Budget: Dragon Age Inquisition

There is a big EA sale going on in the PS4 Store right now, and among those games on sale is Dragon Age Inquisition, alongside both the… 497 more words


Gaming on a Budget: Battlefield Bad Company 2

This first-person sequel was an explosive addition to the Battlefield series. A squad-level shooter based in a modern war, Battlefield Bad Company 2  follows Protagonist Private Preston Marlowe after him and the other soldiers in Bad Company raided gold from mercenaries and fought against the Legionnaire during the war between the Untied States of America and the Russian Federation. 947 more words