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Gaming on a budget: Dead Space 3

Dead Space has always been notorious for playing on emotions, whether it makes you feel
scared, anxious or alone there has always been some build up before Issac Clarke is thrown into some life or death experience. 682 more words


Final Fantasy Tactics comes to the WiiU today!!

Nintendo announced that today for the price of $7.99, you can buy Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for your virtual console library. A strategy role-playing game originally for GBA (not to be confused with a sequel or remake of FF Tactics) FF Tactic Advance takes place in the same setting of Ivalice but portrays a different story. 11 more words


5 Tips for Gamers with no Time

Of all things to budget carefully as a college gamer, perhaps the most valuable and hard to come by is time. We have way too much going on and life isn’t looking to slow down. 432 more words

Gaming On A Budget

Gaming on a Budget- Metro: Last Light

Prior to the Release of Metro: 2033, the predecessor to Last Light, we follow our protagonist Artyom as he faces the menacing conditions of the apocalyptic aftermath in a “present-day” Russian society decades after the nuclear holocaust. 999 more words


Gaming on a Budget: Gunman Clive

Indie games are a fun topic with me. I know several indie developers, and most of them are incredibly passionate about what they put out there. 347 more words


Gaming on a Budget 2.0

Gaming on a budget compilations part #1

By: Games Archeologist

For: Gamers Pantheon

It’s time for another round of gaming on a budget where I’m going to help you get the most out of your gaming dollar. 383 more words


Gaming on a budget – The Challenge (Month 3 – Part 6)

Happy nearly weekend Mancavers!  Its Friday and some geek time approaches!

In the latest in my series of articles on gaming on a budget we approach Month 3.   1,030 more words