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Cold Iron Studios Developing an Alien Game

After its acquisition by FoxNext Games, the California-based video game development company Cold Iron Studios is said to be developing a new title game set in the Alien cinematic universe. 248 more words


Bandai Namco Adds Two New Fighters in Soul Calibur VI

During the last week of February, the famous Japanese video game company Bandai Namco has announced the addition of two returning characters — Ivy and Zasalamel in Soul Calibur VI. 295 more words


Dontnod Finally Confirms Vampyr’s Release Date

Vampyr, the goth-vampire RPG from Life is Strange developer Dontnod, finally has a release date. The game is confirmed to be released on June 5 for Microsoft… 315 more words


Top 5 Tank Heroes in Overwatch

In every multiplayer FPS video like Overwatch, there are roles players must pick to be able to win a match. While most of us would love to take on an offensive role, taking down enemies and all, there are some who’d love to take on the role of a tank and charge on the battle without any fear. 612 more words

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League of Legends Releases Arctic Ops Gragas Skin

Gragas fans should celebrate because League of Legends has finally released a new epic skin for the said champion. Arctic Ops Gragas will share the same theme with Arctic Ops Varus and Arctic Ops Kennen. 238 more words

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Top 5 Battle-Royale Games Must Try

Battle-royale games are starting to take over the mainstream mainly due to the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. For those who have no idea what “battle-royale” is, it is a large-scale last man-standing deathmatch where players fight until one player is left alive. 512 more words


Paragon's New Melee Tank Hero: Terra

Paragon has released their newest hero, a durable melee tank hero named Terra. According to her info, Terra is a fearless and unyielding warrior, who charges into battle and fights for justice. 272 more words