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Neutral Monster Update on Summoner’s Rift: Elemental Dragon

If you have play League of Legends on your gaming PC, then you probably have encountered the dragon located in the lower side of the Summoner’s Rift map. 394 more words

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10 of the Most Used Champions in League of Legends

Remember when we posted a list of the 10 common heroes used in DotA 2 matches; well readers requested a similar list of its counterpart game, League of Legends, a… 1,103 more words

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Watching DotA 2 Games via VR Gear is Now Possible

Since the release of the VR gears, we know it wouldn’t take too long before we can finally apply their capabilities to our favorite games. And that’s what exactly Valve did, by allowing players to spectate a DotA 2 game via VR. 274 more words

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The Origin of Yordles, the Adorable Small Race from League of Legends

If there is something in League of Legends that you wouldn’t find anywhere in other MOBA games is that it is rich in lores. From its champions, cities and races, each lores possessed a marvelous story that creates a better gaming atmosphere for each its players. 360 more words

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Best Weapons to Look for Dark Souls

With Dark Souls III topping the bestselling chart of Steam in the category of action games you can play both in a gaming PC or gaming laptop… 460 more words

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Top 10 Best Selling Action Games in Steam

Looking for new games to play this weekend? Then you might want to look at these top 10 best selling action games in steam to keep you entertained: 475 more words

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Build a computer under 1500Dollars


So you want a good computer that are not too expensive? This way is right for you then.

I have looked up parts that u should get if u want a pretty awesome gaming computer under 1500 dollars. 196 more words

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