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Warhammer Underworlds, the game so far.

As I sit here and write this… article? Post? Whatever you want to call it. I’m newer to the game, so my knowledge of the game is primal, raw, fresh. 181 more words


Indiegala: 3 Games Giveaway

Indiegala – A direct download website who provide Indie games from various developers, many unknown.

Once in a while the website comes up with Giveaways like the 3 available right now… 20 more words


Bad Days Kampfgruppe Freitag der 13.: MAF Battle Report


so my MAF had it´s first tryout we went for Unmasking. MAF against IA

This was my Army

Kornak LT, A Vanguard Hacker and Medic, Anyat, A Suryat (Tac Awarenes) and Shotgun Raktorak (5 man link), a Zerat Killer Hacker, one Chain Rifle Daturazi, CR Raktorak and the Full Auto Sogarat (Duo). 694 more words


Anthem: What went wrong?

Bioware had so much riding on the success of Anthem, especially after the luke warm reception Mass Effect Andromeda received. The future of what was once one of the best RPG developers out there was on the line, following some disastrous decisions in the development process of Andromeda. 1,061 more words

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