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Might Be Kelly - would be surprised if it wasn't.

Might Be Kelly is moving on to bigger, more wordy platforms.

My twitter is good for short random thoughts throughout the day and sharing all the random geeky, funny, and political stuff I come across. 383 more words


How to Tear apart man Coverage

Man Coverage

This coverage is a lot of slant routes, quick out routes, hitch routes when the corner is playing off  and taking advantages on mismatches. 187 more words

Sensitive skin

More like sensitive skin, eyes, ears… Loads of sensitive parts that sometimes enhance my abilities, but often make daily life more difficult.

I have noticed that my sensitivity gets worse when I feel worse as well. 695 more words


Games Inbox: Sonic Mania, Shadow Of War and tackling the backlog

Today’s Inbox looks at Shadow Of War’s micro-transactions while one reader ponders other Sega remixes.

To join in with the discussions yourself email gamecentral@ukmetro.co.uk

PLEASE NOTE: The main GameCentral team will be away at Gamescom in Cologne this week, covering all the news and previews from what is the European equivalent of E3. 2,211 more words


Gen Con 2017 After-Action Report

It’s time to summarize my Gen Con 2017 experience.  It was the 50th Gen Con and for some reason I expected something special.  Oh, there was some stuff different.   1,186 more words