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Left Handed Computing

I had forgotten why I dislike the computer version of Skyrim until I installed it on my newest computer. I’m left handed. I use my mouse with right handed button settings, but Skyrim isn’t having any of that. 644 more words


A letter from Benjamin Gilbert

The whole history of the fire we published in the Times was a lie, of course. The fire had nothing to do with that foolish Swede in the wood shop, we just used him as a convenient scapegoat.

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Boogie why are you justifying Anita Sarkeesian's actions?

Before I start I am still a fan of Boogie despite everything he said in his latest video, and him justifyingย Anita Sarkeesian’s actions and bully tactics towards himself and Sargon. 596 more words


Sports Games Rant.

Sports games. What can I really say about them? They’re terrible rip offs is what i can say about them. I heard some guys in the mall complain about the new Transformers movie but feel hyped for Madden 18. 367 more words


Mario 64 120 star run!

Getting all 120 stars on Mario 64 in one video! Let’s do it!!

120 star run!