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It is better that the Zelda Wii U game is delayed than...

A Zelda game delayed is better than Nintendo releasing a bad Zelda game. I will never say that I have played them all. No. But the Zelda games I have played were perfect, though some of them are quite difficult for a semi-casual gamer like me.


I'm Back!

It’s been about a month since I last posted, because of that spectacular new update for the Ayanad Library! Percy has reached level 51, and is halfway done with the level.   438 more words


Bloodborne Bosses are Really Hard on New Game Plus

Brandin and Marty confront Father Gascoigne on New Game Plus. See if they make it out alive.

from IGN Video Games http://ift.tt/19iK9VO


Monster Tale Is Getting Remade for 3DS

DreamRift is going all out with this handheld remake, improving every inch of the original.

from IGN Video Games http://ift.tt/19iEcse


Single-player and Multi-player games


Now before I start I want to make one thing clear: this will be a highly-personal article based on MY experiences alone rather than facts and research, so in case you cannot cope with the fact that people are entitled to their own opinions, I suggest you find something else to do. 1,050 more words

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Archos Gamepad 2 Review - Insert Some Witty Comment Here

Tablets being marketed as gaming platforms are seeing a surge in popularity at the moment, yet the Archos Gamepad 2 is somewhat unique in that it whacks on a set of physical controls to compliment the standard touch-screen navigation. 1,774 more words