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Commentary - Missed Opportunity For Inclusion and Diversity in Mordhau

I have had an absolute blast playing Mordhau in the weeks since it bludgeoned and catapulted its way to the forefront of PC gaming. The chaotic, hilarious combat and variety of gameplay possibilities are things to be praised and celebrated. 1,182 more words

Super Mario Maker 2 Direct 5.15.2019

Wyatt and I watched a good chunk of the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct the other night. He was super impressed with Cat Mario and the ability to create levels cooperatively. 15 more words


The Writer's Room Plays Live for St. Jude!

That title scrambles all my emotions to type out.

Long-time readers of my blog here will know that the big impetus for me becoming a Twitch streamer was the 2016 Destiny Community Convention (now GuardianCon) charity marathon. 811 more words

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Fen'Harel's Secret Greeting Meaning & Translation (Dragon Age Theories & Lore)

In Dragon Age Inquisition, we hear the Inquisitor speak Fen’Harel’s Secret Greeting to the elves guarding the elven ruins in Trespasser (if we drank from the Well of Sorrows). 91 more words

Rage 2 Review

I can pretty much say Rage 2 is getting at the top ranking of my best games ever played. The game developers didn’t just borrowed features from other first-person shooters; They searched for the entire game’s history, good games, bad games, games that were nearly forgotten, they tried to just make the best shooter game. 1,444 more words