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EDGE Magazine's Look At Yooka-Laylee Explores a Dynamic World, Minecarts and Arcade Game Unlocks

Just recently Playtonic Games raised the curtain on Yooka-Laylee, a title that’s got a lot of 3D platforming and Rare fans excited. The studio is a mix of veterans from the venerable developer along with some younger talent, and after a period of silence it’s emergeed to share more of its project. 452 more words


The ever so awkward John Marston

The ever so awkward John Marston

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Video Games

News: Season Pass LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Today, the content of the Season Pass for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released. 115 more words


Star Fox Zero Special Comic Part 1: A New Mission

Recently Nintendo of America released anew comic focused on the theme of the newest StarFox game on the Wii U, so of course, we have it here for our Friday Fun post. 97 more words


Guys accesorize too.

So fathers day is quickly approaching so I thought I would throw this out there for blog visitors. I own some of these items already, but since everyone who has visited my blog more than once knows I’m a sucker for a hot tool I’ll point out a few of the cooler things I have seen in the past few months. 697 more words


No Man's Sky - The Reddit Chronicles of 5/25

The Reddit Chronicles of 5/25

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Video Games

COD 4: Remastered

By: Christopher Ferrara

Many have been speculating for months before the announcement of Infinite Warfare that it would come with a past Call Of Duty. Many were also happy when they announced that it was the first Modern Warfare. 233 more words