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Tamerthya Website History



This website was originally started in 1999, as a Freeservers roleplaying game fansite supporting D&D, Gamma World, & Traveller. The original website was built using pure HTML without cascading style sheets (CSS) and ran from November of 1999 until about August of 2002 on… 2,108 more words


RPG Live UK Nottingham meetup

Yesterday I got a chance to do something I’ve not achieved in months – gaming. The RPG Live UK (formally the D&D tweetup) meetup was taking place over in Nottingham, hosted at The Dice Cup Cafe. 420 more words


Gamma World, 7th Edition, Episode 05

It was a TPK.  And it wasn’t pretty.  We played Gamma World 7th Ed again yesterday.  Everyone was chuffed, since everyone was now 3rd level.  Woot, new things to do, new ways to cause mayhem. 3,759 more words

There's a little Gamma World in My Atomic Highway

Last night’s session was pretty neat and the players had a little fun in the bartering of goods for stuff they needed before they eventually headed off to their next adventure. 134 more words

Game Night

The Sky Goes Clank (Session 10)

A Gamma World 2nd Edition Tale

A 2nd Edition Gamma World Tale
Cast of Characters:
Wyke, Pure Strain Human (Chris)
Abrum, Pure Strain Human (Wendel) (Away) 819 more words

Game Night

October Surprise

Whoa! It’s October. Already!

Man, this year is just flying by at rapid pace it seems. Well it’s been a few weeks at least since  I had blogged anything. 117 more words

Atomic Highway

Gamma World, 7th Edition, Episode 04

We played yesterday again some more Gamma World.  The players continued on with the ongoing adventure of trying to figure out why robots were being produced that would come down to the walls of the village and explode, or try to shot a rocket at the village wall, then explode. 4,822 more words