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Gamma World - System Mastery 60


Today we’re thrilled to bring you a game where you can play as a swarm of tiny yetis hanging around with a robot hawk and have an amazing, basically balanced game.  54 more words


GamaNera 2 Mining Gamma World for Cypher Systems.

Well I was so pleased with the response to the first part of this blog I jumped right in and began making more of these cards. 443 more words

Topic Of The Day

Free Broken Earth Map

A while back I reviewed Broken Earth, a post-apocalyptic setting for Savage Worlds. I liked it. It had a nice flavor of not being too out there as a setting with enough twists and weird mutant stuff to make it interesting. 78 more words


Tabletop RPGs for Video Game Fans II

This time I’m revisiting a concept did a video on a few years ago – recommendations for Tabletop RPGs for people who play video games. 156 more words

Video Games

GammaNera. Mining Gamma World for awesome Cyphers & Artifacts.

So the other day I was cleaning out my game room. As I was moving some boxes around I stumbled on a stack of cards from a game I have not touched in literally years. 362 more words

Tabletop Role-playing Game

What Can Your D&D Game Steal from Other Games?

IntroConso was amazing. What’s that? You never heard of IntroConso? That’s because my friends and I made it up.

My great pal, fellow Tome Show… 1,580 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Carnage on the Isle of Dread

This past weekend marked another successful 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons ongoing hexploration adventure at Carnage Con in Killington, Vermont. This year, given the “Lost World” theme of the Con, I chose to have the players explore the   1,249 more words