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My Favourite Roleplaying Systems (Current List)

One of my players the other day asked me what my favourite systems were and why. After some thought, I figured it would be worth a post at least and so here are my top 10 roleplaying systems. 1,201 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Post-Apoc Movie Week: Day 4

For the 4th and last day of my post-apoc movie binge, I will be watching:

I have certainly seen “Frogtown” a few times in the past, so have saved it for last. 6 more words

Old School

Chapter 1 [ In The Raw - week 3, post 1 ]

Ghanis and Jhax approached the bridge on alert. They understood the bridge would be a good place for an ambush, especially after they reached its center. 1,006 more words


Post-Apoc Movie Week: Day 3

Up for watching today is something I didn’t know existed until about a year ago – the 1982 remake of “She” starring Sandahl Bergman set in a post-apocalyptic world. 80 more words

Old School

Post-Apoc Movie Week: Day 2

Planned for Day 2 we will leave behind the “serious” works of the 1970s and move into 1980s cheese territory: 14 more words

Old School

1970s - 1980s Post-Apoc Movie Week!

This week is my break from clinical training, so am planning to watch a slew of post-apoc movies from the 1970s and 1980s. Almost none of which I have ever seen before. 24 more words

Old School

Chapter 1 [ In The Raw - Week 2, Post 1 ]

As the pair exited the dilapidated building they had spent the night in Ghanis looked up at the clouds scudding across the sky and frowned. It was an overcast morning; not cold but certainly damp. 972 more words