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Mutations (Part 2) - Drawbacks - Fantastic Mutagenic Powers for D&D

As one would expect, there are many downsides to being a mutant… aside from being a social pariah!

NOTE: Benefits (and rules basics) can be found… 2,157 more words

D&D 5th

(Mutations (Part 1) - Benefits - Fantastic Mutagenic Powers for D&D


“Pollution, plague, and radiation mixed into an unholy soup that tainted and warped all it touched!  Some gained incredible psychic powers, while others devolved into hulking mindless brutes.  2,779 more words

D&D 5th

D&D Future Tech - My Take on Sci-Fi tech for D&D 5th edition

One of the things I enjoyed about the Numeria content for Pathfinder was that is more suited to fit with the core game in terms of mechanics.  1,708 more words

D&D 5th