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Welcome To The Minimalist Restaurant

…some restaurants call it “Fine Dining”, some call it “Fine Cuisine”, but it all amounts to  less food on the plate from where I’m sitting! 33 more words


Pulled Ham Egg and Chips

Pulled ham egg and chips
Ham egg and chips is a British classic.

But mostly made with chewy Gammon steaks.

Whenever I cook gammon I use a whole joint and slow cook it the way my Mum used to do it. 397 more words


Honey, Mustard and Marmalade Roast Ham Recipe

This was the first time I had made my own marmalade ham and it will be my go to recipe now. It was so delicious it was sticky and sweet with delicious mustard notes. 297 more words


Sunday Roast Honey glazed Gammon, Cauliflower Cheese, Roasted Veg Rhubarb Crumble and fresh custard 🤗

In a change to my advertised meal plan, I have decided to cook a small gammon joint Instead of the Chilli that I planned – youngest is pinging back home during the week to start his seasonal job, and he loves a chilli – any leftover gammon can be used for lunchbox sandwiches – meal planning, a moveable feast 😇 493 more words

Why having Christmas Eve traditions is a must for having the best Christmas ever

Christmas is my favourite time of year, from the tree to the mince pies, everything about it gives it that magical feeling you’ve had since a small child, but I think the lead up to it is the best time.   821 more words

Scientific Evidence: Pork Causes Cancer

The science behind ancient religion.


“The fact that pork causes stress and gives rise to poisoning is known. It is obvious that this does not only apply to preparations of fresh pork such as cold cuts, knuckles, feet, ribs and cutlets, etc., but also to cured meats (ham, bacon, etc.) and to smoked meats prepared for sausages.“

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