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Gammon: Getting To The Bottom Of Things

The farm I visited today had a couple of unhappy pigs, not because they were being intensively farmed, were living in bad conditions, being fed non-organic swill, and not because they were going to slaughter very soon. 83 more words


A Defence Of The Gammon Community

“If someone ever tells you that they long for the ‘good old days’, ask them what days in particular they are talking about…they are often longing for a time that never existed.” Dr Bruce Woodcock – c. 931 more words

Late to the Gammon Party

I’m a couple of days late to the gammon party. Sorry, the horse-drawn carriage was late. It’s always the way.

You arrive at the annual UKIP banquet and all of the gammon has already been offloaded onto china plates. 1,015 more words

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Gammon Technical Offering New Decals for DP Gauges Free of Charge

Gammon Technical Products recently announced they are offering free status indicator decals for their differential pressure gauges (0-30 psi scale range). The decals feature a color-coded system that make the gauge easier to read: green is good, yellow indicates concern, and red means STOP! 91 more words

Jones’ Gammon Mask Slips


The question over whether gammon is a racist term is a simple one to answer. When white people use it against white people, then no – it’s not racist in the slightest. 1,199 more words


Seeing Red

A newly-coined term of abuse/

Is reckoned by some to traduce/

The skin tone of gammon,/

A shade between salmon/

And full-blooded UKIP-style puce./// 36 more words