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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." Mahatma Gandhi

I don’t just deliver meals on wheels.

Is age just state of mind? Not for the 92 years old unbelievably alert Anne. With a memory and a mind sharper than mine, my conversation with Anne is in no way anything that I would have imagined. 382 more words



Where there is LOVE
There is LIFE~Mahatma Gandhi


Nehru Vs The Armed Forces - How Nehru destroyed his own Army

We don’t need a defence plan. Our policy is non-violence. We foresee no military threats. You can scrap the army. The police are good enough to meet our security needs.

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Worshipping False Gods-Leadership?EQ?Success?Meaning?

Rajesh K. Jha

It is a powerful scene from the Clint Eastwood directed Invitcus (2009). The biographical sports drama film on the life of Nelson Mandela depicts his efforts to realise the dream of a nation which has just emerged from the traumatic experience of apartheid. 2,852 more words

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That “Great Man”

Ever So Slightly

Not Right in the Head

When It Came to


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Happy Earth Day

“The good man is the friend of all living things.” Gandhi

"What on Earth is wrong with us?"

Sometimes I contemplate about the kind of world we are passing on to our next generation…concrete jungles, depleting forests, diminishing/ extinct species of trees, birds, animals, scarcity of basic resources like breathable air and usable water. 42 more words