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India, the peninsular land of saints;
A mountain of religions and beliefs,
Ocean of knowledge and science,
Was swallowed under the colonial rule,
Lost it’s morals and unity, 87 more words


Detroit: Become Human Review -- Telltale'd Again

by Jed Pressgrove

Developer Telltale Games, known for titles like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, doesn’t just allow players to make choices in its games; it tells players that their choices matter — incessantly and obnoxiously. 874 more words

Did India rule by dynasty?  

Those who do not know the meaning of dynasty are trying to convince Indians that we are ruled by a Dynasty. However, they fail to name the dynasty! 521 more words


Lost or just passed on?

Recently I had the chance to watch a 4 minutes short movie called “The Other Pair”, loosely based on a story about Gandhi that I had actually first heard when I was living in India years ago. 501 more words

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