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You Can Have Coffee With Gandhi Here

My stay in Gujarat has been fantastic. And I am still allured by it. If you are fascinated by the Gandhian doctrine and want to explore India alongside the footprints of one of the greatest thinkers and world leaders of all times, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi, then Gujarat is the place for you. 94 more words

Indian Game of Thrones: Rise and fall of powerful families: Plot of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty rise


1857: Massive upheaval in India caused by then age failed India’s freedom fight against the British.

1861: Kashmiri Pandit and a Chief Police Officer under Mughal monarch in then Delhi, Gangadhar Nehru died, poor from migration to Delhi losing all his assets in a mutiny, unlucky enough not to see his legacy of six generations to current age. 527 more words


Rise of communalism in India


1947: British India splits into India-Pakistan on bases of religion. Millions of Hindus and Muslims die or get killed due to migration and riots. Pakistan becomes a Muslim state with Muslim majority while India becomes a secular state with Hindu majority. 1,188 more words


An Eye for an Eye and a $100,000 Ticket For Speeding -- By Ben

In Finland, it’s possible to get a speeding ticket for hundreds of thousands of dollars… if you’re rich. That’s because in most Scandinavian countries, a person’s income is factored into… 848 more words

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Philosopher-activist Tom Regan, preeminent advocate of animal rights, dead at 78

Horrified by the tragic loss of innocent human life in the then-ongoing Vietnam War, a young philosopher by the name of Tom Regan went to the university library and buried himself in books on war, violence, and human rights, determined to prove that the American involvement in the war was morally wrong. 927 more words

Animal Rights