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Charkha at Sabarmati Ashram

Words cannot express the joy of seeing raw cotton turn into thread with every spin of the charkha. The spinning wheel pulls the cotton into coarse thread around a spool. 149 more words

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So, in my world, it’s the end of month.  It is a time when the cupboards are barren and the bank account is a few cents above a dreaded negative balance.   403 more words

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Mahatma (c)

Title: Mahatma

Tag: Non- Violence

Form: Sketch

Category: Political

Tool: 0.2 and 0.8 Micro-Black Point Pen

Date: 15.11.2015

Purpose: To condemn the act(s) of terrorism worldwide, whether individual, private or state sponsored. 588 more words


Beef and Bourbon

Mahatma Gandhi famously complained that converting to Christianity meant converting to beef and bourbon. Some Indian converts also wore European clothing. This offended Gandhi’s religious and cultural sensibilities. 614 more words


Delhi's must see museums

Delhi is home to an impressive array of cool indoor museums and art galleries.  When it’s swelteringly hot and too humid to go outside, why not learn about India’s rich history and discover the capital’s lively art scene?  787 more words

Understanding India

Old Tunes

By L. Stewart Marsden

It’s Sunday, and raining once more in the mountains. I was working on “Girl from Ipanema” on a baritone ukulele, the instrument I leaned how to play before the guitar. 491 more words