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The Foundational Question Part 3

Okay, one last run around this idea.

I was jumping around the Internet this weekend, looking at The New Yorker’s Chick-fil-A story and its fallout.  As I did, I came across this: 800 more words

Man is by nature a political animal

For the longest time, I tried to be non-partisan where an attempt was made to be indifferent to Indian politics. Turns out I am not. On the contrary I have the strongest inclination towards India’s grand old party. 787 more words


When will we learn?

“The death toll now stands at nearly half a million, though the UN has stopped counting. Countless others are wounded and missing. A U.S. government’s report that the Assad regime is using a crematorium near the Saidnaya Prison outside Damascus indicates many of their remains may never be found.” Today, many are calling the civil war in Syria the major humanitarian failure of our time.  411 more words

Inter-linkages between City and Village

“Mother Earth has enough for the real needs of all her children but she has not nearly enough for a whole generation of greedy children who knows no limit to their desires.” 1,973 more words


How the World went from Universal Nationalism to Universal Imperialism - The Hidden Empire of Judea - The Lost Chance after the End of the Cold War - Donald Trump’s Betrayal

Nationalism is the best defense against imperialism.

Nationalism means minding one’s own business. It means having national sovereignty and respecting the sovereignty of other nations. … 4,229 more words