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Three Day Quote Challenge : Day 2

Welcome once again friends to the Three day Quote Challenge!

Today, the second day, being the 26th of January, Indian Republic Day, I would like to dedicate this post to the great  138 more words

Faith or Reason?

I have a little quote from this gentleman attached to my desk, I look at it often. He speaks a great deal of sense, what do you think?


Soniaji, fire your speech writer please

Dear Smt.Soniaji,

I am a dark skinned Indian from the south of the Vindhyas. Oh, yes, the same Vindhya mountain ranges in Central India. And yes, world exists and people still live in the southern part of India. 1,236 more words

English Posts

RSS distributed sweets though not guilty, Patel said on Gandhi's killing

For nearly a thousand years of occupation by Muslims and the British, the voice of the majority Hindu was unheard, suppressed brutally. The Congress helped to free the country but, created vote banks of both the Christians (in Kerala and Goa) and Muslims, all over the country, to be in power. 190 more words


Mahatma Gandhi and Ecology

A paper with Mahatma Gandhi’s interview. Interesting read as it discusses the main elements of Gandhian ecological vision.

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