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Apex Round 1 (Pre-Alpha Play)

I promise you guys I’m not dead! I’ve just been preparing some in-depth projects that required a lot of time and concentration. This one I’m working on is called “Apex” and RPG maker game that I’ve been slowly working on over the last year or two in order to showcase my love of game design and music since most people say my music would be great for video games. 59 more words

Plague Knight 

The first thing to mention about Shovel Knight’s; Plague Knight mode is that it is a free DLC update released to everyone who already has the game. 496 more words


The Real America aka The New Normal

 Hardly news anymore since we all know several people struggling to survive in the new economy and people are still slowly and silently being moved out of their homes during a foreclosure process nowhere near over. 406 more words


Guest Blog by Sarah Dyson

Happy Labor Day!

Sarah Dyson enjoys gaming. Her My primary gaming experience has been Massive Multi Player Online Role Playing Games or MMORPGs. She has played games on all platforms (i.e. 543 more words


Ma Ganga | Down by the Ganges

Benaras. “Shiv ki Nagri”


On the banks of the Ganges River,

the sarees lie upon the ghats,


orange, yellow, pink, blue

you would think they were carpets leading to… 220 more words


As some you may know me and my friend have a YouTube channel.Some of the past videos are some of my friends.I will be starting a minecraft survival.I’m not sure which to do and I would like  your opinion on which to do.Minecraft on the PS3 or on the Xbox.If I was to do it on the Xbox I would not have the latest update because I do not have Xbox Live but I’m on PSN so I would have the latest update.I’m no new person to minecraft but I’m not aware of which update is on PS3 so I may be unsure on some things if there in the game but I will find out what is in the game early on.I do not have the best connection so it may take a while to upload it.Thanks

Please comment so I know.


GTA Online now available.

GTA Online has finally opened up to the masses, so people can play against each other in the ultra-popular game Grand Theft Auto V.

Just a couple of hours ago the big game world opened for the servers, so that all players around the world can create their own character and explore with friends and enemies online. 143 more words