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The Bizmarks - leader and shotgun ganger

This is as much a restoration work as a painting project, since these two models were already partially, and rather poorly, painted. I cleaned the old paint away, got them a new black base coat and then tried to overcome the loss of detail that had nevertheless taken place – and that is still evident on the front of the shotgun. 99 more words


Necromunda: the Saxon Violets WIP

Decided to work on a few Violets simultaneously last night. Didn’t finish any of them, but I feel like all of them are to a point that fielding them will be easier (it can be awkward discerning who’s who when everybody is just primed, but I’ve only had this one evening to paint over the last couple weeks, and the other guys have been cool about it). 381 more words


Samuel S Tschupp, Jr.

Samuel S Tschupp, Jr.
birth: 8 Feb 1857, Elkhart, Indiana to Samuel Tschupp, Sr. (1822 – 1891) and Catharine Gause (1826 – 1899)
death: 19 Apr 1932, Union, Elkhart County, Indiana… 97 more words

Elkhart County


Ganger – The Cat’s In The Bag

Year: 1996

Label: Planet Records

Charity Shop: Oxfam Belfast City centre

Price: 50p

Vinyl: Black 12″

Condition: Both sides in great condition and the sleeve not looking too bad either… 248 more words


Dark Heresy 2.11: For a few bullets more

When we last paused, our Acolytes had just cleansed a group of ferals. They are now ready to investigate the feral lair, a toppled factory that seems once to have been a generatorium.

2,290 more words
Dark Heresy

Dark Heresy 2.10: A Fistful of Bullets

Retcons and Reputation

The team has arrived outside Blinding Gulch, an under-Hive settlement of Gunmetal City. They rescued a ganger named Breshk, of the Cadavers gang, and look to take that advantage into their search for Venomskin the forger. 2,220 more words

Dark Heresy

14/10/2013 'The Black Hour' and 21/10/2013 'G-Force' tracklists

I’ve never had it happen to me, but people say of London buses that you can wait an age for one and then have two arrive together. 718 more words

Radio Playlists