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Tree line is a clue to the past

There is more to this photo than a farm field and a tree line. Actually the tree line is the focus in this week’s post. I had been researching the history of a Ganger family line dating to the 1830s in Elkhart County. 141 more words

The Irondogs - Part 2

Meet Grak, a ganger with the Irondogs gang. Sworn to House Goliath. Enjoys violence, extortion, combat stims for breakfast and being nice to his mum. Rumour has it there might be some pesky Escher’s lurking around somewhere but Grak’s keeping an eye out until the other boys arrive.


Gangs of Old Prism

Every year on the Oldhammer forum we have a challenge.  Paint a model on a theme decided by the community; send it off so that all the models can be photographed together, and then one person drawn at random will win the lot!   419 more words

Finished Work