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Why Swimming Pools Are a Human Right

The Ganges River is seeped in holiness, tradition and pollution. Each year, millions of Hindu pilgrims travel to its riverbanks to bathe in its holy water and cremate their dead. 601 more words


RishiKesh: I'm Coming

It’s summer, and while all you might want to do at the moment is sit and laze around to beat the Delhi heat, there’s a much better option to keep you cool and active  — adventure travel. 239 more words


#Travel #500px : The Hindu Hermit by grigorvidmar by grigorvidmar #photography#IFTTT

There are four stages in man’s life in Hinduism: the Student Stage, the Householder Stage, the Hermit Stage and the Wandering Ascetic Stage. Not all Hindus are expected to undertake the last two stages, in which men leave home and experience a harsh spiritual life detached of family. 21 more words


Varanasi thành phố dị thường

(Kì trước: Gangtok – Sikkim, India)

Varanasi trong tôi là thành phố của sông Hằng linh thiêng, là vùng đất cổ xưa hàng ngàn năm tuổi, là thành phố của cái Chết, của sự dữ dội dị thường, nơi mà tôi đã nghe tới nhiều lần, nhưng bao giờ tưởng tượng được thực tế sẽ đến mức thế này. 965 more words


Week 8 - "Beyond"

Filmed by Cale Glendening, “Beyond” follows Joey Laurence (more commonly knows as Joey L) on his trip to Varanasi, India for his photo series, Holy Men. 315 more words


Ranch Poem - "Mother Ganges"


“Mother Ganges”

As I merged with the river,
I separated from all the unknown.
Soaked with the inner mirror
my being had shown.

An infection may maim, 86 more words


India Travel - Day Thirteen - Sunrise Boat Ride

Feb. 28th 2016 –

On our final day in India we had a Sunrise Boat Ride on the Ganges River in Varanasi.  We viewed the activities that take place along the river in the morning.   49 more words

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