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Glory of the Ganges River: India

One of the most polluted rivers in the world is considered a Hindu Goddess. A River composed of trash, waste, and both cremated and non-cremated bodies is where thousands of Hindus bathe as they worship the sacred Hindu Goddess Ganga. 496 more words


Water Wars: China, India, and the Great Dam Rush

By Sudha Ramachandran

The Diplomat

China’s grand plans to harness the waters of the Brahmaputra River* have set off ripples of anxiety in the two lower riparian states: India and Bangladesh. 398 more words



When I first met Rakesh he was the youngest boatman working on the Ganges. Ten years old, shy and very quiet. He’s now fifteen, and very much his own man. 189 more words


Travel Smooth

It is hard to see, but this young man is fishing. It is a common practice in India to fish just with the line hanging over one finger and the other end of the line wrapped around the other hand. 145 more words

Travel Photography

Death Photographers of Varanasi

This is a brilliant documentary from Seeker Stories.

When Hindu Indians and Bangladeshis cremate their dead on the banks of the Ganges River, there are other rituals that take place to support the cremation: barbers shave heads and beards, firewood is brought in, and photographers document the dead bodies before they are burnt. 16 more words


Tales From India: On the Banks of the Ganges

This is the fourth installment of my blog series Tales From India.

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599 more words

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Backpacking India: Holi in Varanasi

Holi is the Hindu colour festival and one of the biggest holidays in India. A month ago we decided we wanted to be in Varanasi for Holi and planned our trip around that date. 547 more words