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"Beyond" Varanasi, India. . . . . . Sadhu Documentary

I love when this happens on WordPress.  A  very talented  blogger, Seta Rasa,http://sitarasa.com/ sent me this amazing video of three young photographers in Varanasi filming Sadhus. 126 more words

Varanasi: Ganges river

Varanasi we have arrived! Full of energy and ready…. Mini bus sing a longs on the way to Pradeep Hotel. We all sound pretty awful. After settling into the hotel, a small group of us decided to head to the cinema. 276 more words


A cursed river

Karmanasa River, is a tributary of the Ganges River. Karmanasa River originates in Kaimur district of Bihar and flows through Uttar Pradesh. Along the boundary between Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, this river covers the districts like the Sonbhadra district, Chandauli district, Varanasi district and Ghazipur district on its left and the districts of Kaimur district and Buxar district on its right. 209 more words

A Cursed River

Indian Summer | All Sides of India

Well, what was supposed to be a kinda low-key travel day turned into so much more (I should probably stop being surprised when that happens…) 878 more words


July 4, 1961: Revolutionary Pipe Joint Patent; 1832: Letter from Chester Averill about Cholera; 2013: Natural Immunity from Cholera

July 4, 1961: On this date, Patent Number 2,991,092 was issued to Mr. J. W. MacKay of the American Cast Iron Pipe Company in Birmingham, Alabama, for the Fastite push-on-rubber gasket joint for iron pipe. 604 more words


Train (of) Thoughts

On the train from Deradhun to Delhi, there’s ample leg room, airplane-style food and time. No wi-fi here, but hours to write, which is something. 764 more words


Cocktails and Campfires

There is something wonderful about sitting out around a campfire.  I know all you African/Indian Safari diehards have been experiencing this for years, but it is something that, living in the UK, we really don’t get to experience very often. 1,919 more words