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Ganges river.

I am sharing a photo clicked in Varanasi, India. This is the biggest and sacred river in India. This river is known as ‘Ganga’ or Ganges. 36 more words


Varanasi II: The Hindu Riviera

The predominant experience of Varanasi is the permanently precarious nature of it, the common tightrope-walk hardly distinguishing between multiple near-death experiences occurring multiple times a day and the ongoing spiritual restoration. 534 more words


Where to go next?!

I mostly kept it to myself in Rishikesh, you know when yo’re just happy being by yourself, and don’t wanna be bothered by anyone? It happens when travelling long term, after lots of socializing and partying in Manali, I needed my space for a bit and catch up with my personal projects. ¬† 252 more words


July 4, 1961: Revolutionary Pipe Joint Patent; 1832: Letter from Chester Averill about Cholera; 2013: Natural Immunity from Cholera

July 4, 1961: On this date, Patent Number 2,991,092 was issued to Mr. J. W. MacKay of the American Cast Iron Pipe Company in Birmingham, Alabama, for the Fastite push-on-rubber gasket joint for iron pipe. 601 more words


Varanasi, India 3/9/2017

1. last day in varanasi
drums along the river ganges
snare, timbales cut across hot air
boats shuttle pilgrims back forth
across the water 42 more words

Varanasi, India 3/8/2017

all along the alleyway
shops upon shops
some no bigger than a closet
selling toothpaste
shampoo &
trinkets  scarves &
more 71 more words

Varanasi, India 3/7/2016

1. breakfast at sunrise restaurant
garlic naan & honey ginger lemon tea
curries & yellow rice
the boats shuffle by out on the 24 more words