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Grandfather, India

Grandfather, India

I was twenty six years old when I saw

the Himalayan Mountain range for the first time.

I remember how abruptly

it rose from the rice paddies like… 399 more words


Growing up on The Ghaats of Banaras

In this modern urban society where parents are excessively obsessed with planning  their kids’ childhood with camps and play schools, life of kids growing on the ghaats of Banaras is a refreshing reminder of what childhood days are supposed to be about – carefree freedom, innocent curiosity and dreams.


Water and Religion

Cleansing by water throughout the ages and within the different faiths.

Baptism – a pre Christian history

Pre-Christian Religions
The practice of baptism in pagan religions seems to have been based on a belief in the purifying properties of water. 375 more words


Varanasi,India by josettecarlino

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#APictureSaysAThousandWords : Ganga...

#APictureSaysAThousandWords : Ganga

ओ गंगा बहती हो क्यूँ? – भूपेन हज़ारिका / नरेन्द्र शर्मा (हिन्दी)

Photography : Nature And Beyond

Pirate of the Ganges: Never get into a Boat with this Man.

7th April

One of the best ways to view the action on the ghats of Varanasi is to take a boat ride before sunrise to view the pilgrims and residents going about their morning routine. 674 more words



After a serious overland marathon crossing into India, we are keen to get to our guest house for some rest. But not so fast.

With our room, we get a pickup from the train station at the going rate of R150 for a tuk-tuk. 1,458 more words