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Spiritual Getaway

Hey Lovelies,

One of the most enjoyable things to do with your significant other or friends, in my opinion, is to travel. Experiencing new things and places with your loved ones creates lasting memories and deepens bonds. 409 more words

A Metaphor and a Reality

The Jordan River and the Ganges


No one cares what it means

To the people who drink their waters

To the planet

To church and temple… 7 more words


Descending Kedar Ghat

This is our entry in The Daily Post Daily Prompt: Descend.

In November 2014, we visited the city of Varanasi (formerly Benares or Kashi) on the banks of the Ganges River in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.   41 more words


20 Days in India

After arriving on the 1st of May it has now been twenty days that we’ve travelled in India. Today we cross the border into Nepal and I find myself contemplating if 20 days was enough to see this vast country. 677 more words

Children of Ganges

When we visit a place, there are random of memories that stuck down in our head. I am about to express one of my experience to which I came across few months back when I visited Varanasi with my childhood friend Kumar. 525 more words



Ganges is Holy, no matter how much cultural or material dirt we add to it. I am not brought up with all authentic Brahmin Hindu customs and traditions, and I believe real religion and culture exist inside us. 129 more words


One in 1,342,512,706

Ask me if I’ll miss India and I’d say yes. I’ll miss India because back home old people don’t double ride bicycles, people who look like the general picture of God, with a big white beard and bright white clothes don’t ride scooters with a huge smile. 2,340 more words