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....India Diaries 'Varanasi'

April 2018

The penultimate stop on our epic India trip was also going to be one of the main highlights.  We had been pretty spoilt up to this point, in terms of being chauffeured around to all our exciting destinations, and for the most part not having to be at a specific place by a specific time.   1,022 more words


Harshil -An Unexplored Destination

About this place 

Harshil a small town on the way towards Gangotri -The origin of river Bhagirathi (The Ganges) is full of natural scenic beauty which one must have never experienced before. 286 more words


Van De Ganges Naar Den Amazonenstroom PDF

Van de Ganges naar den Amazonenstroom De Aarde en haar Volken, 1904 (Dutch Edition) on Amazon. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Unlike some Get this from a library! 247 more words


Reflections on the Ganges River

From dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn, the Ganga reflects, absorbs, merges and transforms. Surging from the locks of Siva’s hair as he sits atop the mighty Himalayas, it flows 1,600 miles southeast before spilling into the Bay of Bengal, touching the bodies and souls of millions along the way.



How incredibly stupid.  The pink scarf’s “esteemed” standing is now in serious jeopardy.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

Our last stop on this fast-paced vacation is to get-up-at-3:30am to leave Mussoorie and catch our 7:20 flight to Varanasi in the eastern part of India.  1,172 more words

History shrouds the quietness of Chandannagar

The month of March in and around Calcutta usually shows a little bit of crispness in the morning. The coolness lingers and makes it quite refreshing for travellers who look for a day trip, a drive of around fifty kilometres from the city to recharge the torn nerves of both the mind and body.  1,634 more words

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