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The Gann Emblem

By David E. Bowden

It has often been said that the best place to hide anything is right under the nose of the
person who is looking for it. 1,298 more words


April 29th


This is my experimental site where I want to publish cyclic dates that will make turns in the stock market. I focus mainly on WD Ganns more esoteric methods. 84 more words


G is for Kyle Gann

I’m doing the A-Z April Challenge again. This year, I’m going to look only for composers born the same year as I was: 1955.

Today is G, and my choice is Kyle… 9 more words

Harry Partch

Gann Analysis MT4 Indicator

Indicator Futures

Draw All WD Gann Angles Type (Daily, Calendar, Weekly and Monthly).

  • Draw different Gann Angles type over Any Time Frame; you can draw weekly WD GANN Angles over daily chart, Monthly WD GANN Angles over Daily Chart.
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In 1935 W.D. GANN descries the use of GANN Angles in his Book The Basic Forecast Method, 

There is 360 Degrees in a circle no matter how large or how small the circle may be.  677 more words


I want to be like Gann! But who was he?

In any field of work we look to those who have made a success at it and desire to emulate them as best as we can. 981 more words

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