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April 29th


This is my experimental site where I want to publish cyclic dates that will make turns in the stock market. I focus mainly on WD Ganns more esoteric methods. 84 more words


G is for Kyle Gann

I’m doing the A-Z April Challenge again. This year, I’m going to look only for composers born the same year as I was: 1955.

Today is G, and my choice is Kyle… 9 more words


Gann Analysis MT4 Indicator

Indicator Futures

Draw All WD Gann Angles Type (Daily, Calendar, Weekly and Monthly).

  • Draw different Gann Angles type over Any Time Frame; you can draw weekly WD GANN Angles over daily chart, Monthly WD GANN Angles over Daily Chart.
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In 1935 W.D. GANN descries the use of GANN Angles in his Book The Basic Forecast Method, 

There is 360 Degrees in a circle no matter how large or how small the circle may be.  677 more words


I want to be like Gann! But who was he?

In any field of work we look to those who have made a success at it and desire to emulate them as best as we can. 981 more words

World Events

Gann's square of nine

Okay folks I am going to move towards a slightly controversial topic. By now, you may have heard a lot about Gann. Seemingly, he could predict the tops and bottoms of the markets with great amounts of accuracy. 157 more words

Gann Square Of Nine Excel