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I want to be like Gann! But who was he?

In any field of work we look to those who have made a success at it and desire to emulate them as best as we can. 981 more words

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Gann's square of nine

Okay folks I am going to move towards a slightly controversial topic. By now, you may have heard a lot about Gann. Seemingly, he could predict the tops and bottoms of the markets with great amounts of accuracy. 157 more words

Gann Square Of Nine Excel

Old Predictions.. Yes bank for 20th April

Yes bank crashed on 20th April, hit my target and cranked even lower :) This analysis is by Candle stick and support resistance analysis (of course by keeping Nifty in mind)

Old predictions... Sunpharma predicted on 19th April..

We all know what happened to Sunpharma after 19th April. here is the report created in advance.. Also I have mentioned Sunpharma prices will get “trapped” after the fall (meaning prices will not fall or go up after the sharp fall) and that is exactly what happened… 7 more words

Old Predictions ...for 7th may. Huge volatility predicted in advance

Again hit bulls eye. huge volatility…Please check the intraday chart of 7th may to confirm :)

Please see comments made in the chart…”Magic peak theory” is a theory which I created for getting the exact peak or bottom of a rally or fall :)

Prediction made on 20th April for swing trading in Nifty...

Swing trading call. Hit bulls eye. check the charts and verify…See the comments made on the chart :)

Some old predictions (Analysis for 8th May)

Again hit bulls eye.. Huge gain for Nifty on 8th May. Predicted in advance…

Sometimes, we should come to know Nifty movement just by seeing candlesticks, no need to count complex waves, strange Gann angles or do wierd Astrology degree calculations :)