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Journey to Qinghai and Gansu, visiting very beautiful Qinghai lake and colorful Danxia

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign”. Robert Louis Stevenson

Spring is a great time to travel in China. There was a long weekend during the May Day and I saw the FCN update about the Qinghai trip. 3,054 more words


Family Affair: a Wedding, the Afterparty

At the end of April I attended the wedding of Ma Jian, the brother in law of my half- first cousin, once removed. He sits on a distant branch of the extended family tree, but we always enjoy running into each other in and around Lanzhou at a relative’s home, or at dinner. 835 more words

Peace Corps China

"The Plan of Birth" and more!


I put together a lesson plan for demographics – the study of human populations for a given country. We talked about how China ended its One Child Policy in 2015, and now adheres to a Two Child Policy. 623 more words

Peace Corps China


Into the deepest shadows
I peer
Before entering

With trepidation

But driven
By curiosity
And possibility 20 more words


Love Story

I got back to campus around 10 PM after a lengthy bike ride downtown. In the darkness, near one of the student dorms a crowd has gathered; candles are being lit, and rose petals neatly strewn in the shape of a heart. 820 more words

Peace Corps China