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Off we go

On Monday, we set off to explore five Chinese provinces (Yunnan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu and Xinjiang) in three weeks!



“FEMINIST” 女权主义者

In 2017, the words feminism and feminist– along with “artisanal,” “hand-crafted,” “cold-pressed,” and “locally sourced” – have become so overused, commercialized, and so terribly distorted from their origins that they now have ZERO. 564 more words

Peace Corps

WPC: Earth

When I think of the Earth, I immediately think of the extravagant palette of colors throughout creation.  Nowhere I’ve visited provides a greater kaleidoscope than the Rainbow Mountains in Zhangye, China.  73 more words


Lanzhou Lamian, RANKED

Up until recently, Lanzhou was only famous for two things: the worst air pollution in all of China, and hand pulled beef noodles (lamian 拉面). Since the air quality in this city has miraculously improved in recent years, Lanzhou’s reputation now solely hinges on its thousands of restaurants selling hand pulled beef noodles. 707 more words

Peace Corps

A baby given up for adoption by a sent down youth in 1967

Laznhou, Gansu


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