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School Happenings

Broadcast Exercise Competition (广播体操比赛)

A few weeks ago my afternoon class was cancelled – over half my students would instead take part in the “ 848 more words

Peace Corps China

From Xining to Zhangye

Xining: Tibetan Medicine Museum

Earlier this autumn I made a weekend trip to Xining, taking the 70 minute bullet train. Xining is the capital of Qinghai province, and the gateway to areas of China with heavier Tibetan influence. 801 more words

Peace Corps China

5 Sights to Behold in Gansu, China

It’s gan1 su4 (甘肅), not gan-zoo. My friend mocked at my lost ability to enunciate in Mandarin after only a year and half in the States. 833 more words

Wanderlust Wonders

Halloween "Party"

The English Association hosted its annual Halloween party Tuesday night! First, it’s important to note that all school “parties” I’ve attended thus far have never included dancing or socialization… 593 more words

Peace Corps China

The Uncluttered I

I miss the desert
Its clarity
Its stillness
Its silent challenge

I miss the uncluttered I
Standing alone
In an expanse of sand 47 more words


Short Stories: Table Setting, New Names, English Moochers


I put together an entertaining lesson on American dining etiquette – the highlight was asking students to come to the chalkboard and fill in a “Formal Table Setting”, drawing and labeling each item as requested. 667 more words

Peace Corps China

Labrang Monastery བླ་བྲང་བཀྲ་ཤིས་འཁྱིལ and more: the Chengs reunite in Lanzhou!

Mid-September my mom visited Lanzhou to check I was alive, 15 months into my Peace Corps service. In addition to cleaning my apartment from corner to corner (“ 885 more words

Peace Corps China