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Silk Road 6:  Jiayuguan and the End of the Wall

We requested First Class train tickets but on this leg only Second Class were available. We were surprised to have the whole carriage to ourselves, so with room to move on a very modern train, we thought Second Class was fine. 568 more words

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Silk Road 5:  Rainbow Mountains and a Reclining Buddha

Zhangye West station was one of the few places where we were (briefly) surrounded by touts, all waving pictures of Danxia Landforms. We just said ‘Bu Yao’ (‘No thanks’, or more literally ‘Don’t want’) and caught an ordinary taxi to the Kelly Business Hotel. 533 more words

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Real World: Lixian

Summer Project has come and gone! This is a two week event that every PCV must complete between the first and second year of service. This year, all volunteers from Gansu province were sent to small-town Lixian together, to teach primary, middle, and high school teachers Oral English. 1,259 more words

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Tour of Qinghai Lake, China

Not long back from a visit to the UCI 2.HC Tour of Qinghai Lake, based in the Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia provinces in north western China. 1,923 more words

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Lanzhou (蘭州): A Golden City in the Centre

(14-16th June) Along the upper reaches of the Yellow River lie a key thoroughfare for ancient traders and explorers, from China to Persia, from Middle East to Europe. 817 more words


Mid-Summer Goodbyes

The Peace Corps 21 cohort has finished up their service here in China. The past few weeks I’ve been running around Lanzhou bidding farewell to the gang that got here a year before me. 252 more words

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