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My Teacher Bag: Essentials

A girl’s handbag might say a lot about her lifestyle, while a teacher’s bag says a lot about the teacher’s teaching style and motivations. My teacher’s bag has become a part of my attire, and my students know it’s time for class everyime I open it to pull out the lesson materials.  346 more words


stories from amdo: biking along highway 213

“You’re going to need rocks.” That was our advice when we rented bikes from a Chinese woman in Langmusi.

“If the village dogs start chasing you, make sure you bike faster and throw the rocks to scare them. 490 more words


stories from amdo: china's cowboy country

When we landed in Lanzhou, the first thing we noticed was the air – it was fresher, drier, and even tasted different, earthy and somewhat spicy. 702 more words


Jiayuguan: a New Silk Road town

Arriving in Jiayuguan (Pop. 230,000) felt like entering a new world. (Something tells me that I am going to experience this more often during this journey) Where Xi’an had history on every corner, Jiayuguan was almost completely brand new. 520 more words

Silk Road

Hexi corridor

After Xi’an my next goal was to reach Jiayuguan, the westernmost Chinese outpost during the Ming dynasty. Its goal was to defend the empire against nomadic tribes and it also was the place where the Great Wall ended. 620 more words

Silk Road