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China 16: On the bounce

Continuing my 1985 diary of a trip to China.

Just before dawn we get the bus to Dunhuang. It’s the hippy bus again, and we decide to sit at the back. 710 more words


The Maiji Grottoes

The main attraction to visit when you are in Tianshui are the Maiji Grottoes. The Maiji Grottoes are a group of carvings of Buddhist motifs sculpted on a hill called Maiji Mountain (麦积山). 687 more words


Travelling during Chinese New Year

Getting on the road during Chinese New Year can be a risky (and expensive) business. In China, many people live and work in a city which is not where they are originally from, so before Chinese New Year the country becomes a migration mess with millions of people going back home to spend the holidays with their loved ones. 722 more words