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Seven Reasons For Six Day Creation

Robert L. Reymond
A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith
Chapter 11, pp. 392-394.

Much has been written about the length of the days of creation, whether they were ordinary days of around twenty-fours hours duration, long ages, some combination of days and ages, or simply a nonhistorical literary framework or mnemonic device intended to serve as the means whereby information about the divine activity in creation might be presented in an aesthetically pleasing and helpful fashion. 1,058 more words


The Importance of Cautious Interpretation

Next week we will begin changing our podcast series. On Tuesdays I will begin discussing the doctrine of election, or Calvinism. This is a very hot-button issue, so I plan on working through it very diligently and making sure I come across respectful and direct, so I do not confuse the listener or reader. 661 more words

There Is No Gravity.  Things Fall.

I really didn’t know where to begin on this one. Well, actually, how to continue because I had already begun laughing hysterically.

The post title derives from a comment by a person who recently attended a Flat Earth Conference in North Carolina last year.  1,526 more words


In the Beginning - Part 1

“I know what time is, but if someone asks me, I cannot tell him.” Augustine of Hippo.[1]

We discussed the differences between kairos and…

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Redeeming The Time