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The Generation Gap

The adults and elders of this generation who were once young had open minds ready to absorb facts and ideals which later became their beliefs slowly their open mindedness reduced and their beliefs(filtered facts and ideals) grew stronger and soon the youth of today have open minds but collect different facts and ideals which are contrary to the beliefs(facts and ideals) of the previous generation, the key thing here is that “open mindedness” later turns to “beliefs”(a form of close mindedness), both aspects are good but with time they slowly become contrary to each other..

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How to dress to feel yourself on a cold Friday. In Milano

It’s getting cold again. Yesterday evening while I was waiting for the bus to take me back home I was literally freezing!

And I was really missing the scarf. 182 more words

How To Dress

Short & Sweet

After the nausea that came from turning 23, I felt like I needed to change something, or do something different. So I went to my hairdresser and told her I wanted to chop off a good chunk of hair. 118 more words


WALT DISNEY titles go up steadily.

Technical analysis recommends take retraction points to enter.

Who decided that would only open bullish positions is the ‘gap’ up leaving in early February were partially filled is still out. 128 more words

Spring Style Haul

Coming home after years of working in offices and grad school, my wardrobe had taken its toll. The first thing I organized when I moved back in with my parents was my closet. 491 more words

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