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I guess that's why they call it the blues...

Sorry. Couldn’t help that one. So today, as I’m sure you won’t have failed to have heard is, the most depressing day of the year. Can’t imagine why as I look outside and it’s pouring with rain, howling a gale. 441 more words


Lady Bird

Well hello new year! Naturally, I’ve made a few (read: hundred) goals, that of which I wrote in my new 52 Lists Project book. Since we’re only the second week in, I’m taking small steps—going to bed a bit earlier, reading or crafting more, eliminating uninspiring Instagrammers I’m following (this is actually so necessary), taking a bit of time for self-care, cooking, training for two back-to-back weekend 5K runs, etc. 390 more words

Dressed Up

Ένας πανηλίθιος διασύρει τους Έλληνες

Ο Γ.Παπανδρέου στη Διεθνή Έκθεση Κάνναβης: «Η αναμόρφωση του τοπίου γύρω από τα ναρκωτικά έχει αργήσει»!!!

Το «παρών» έδωσε ο Γιώργος Παπανδρέου, στην 1η Διεθνή Έκθεση Κάνναβης, η οποία φιλοξενείται σε εκθεσιακό χώρο στην Αθήνα.


A part apart

I miss how we never were close.

I miss the yearning to be close

To go from never talking

To two days ago

To two hours back… 69 more words


Preschool Style for a Toddler Boy

My little boy started preschool and of course I had to make it a memorable moment for pictures. Let me first give you one piece of advice, dress your child to the nines every chance you can because as they get older, they will get their own sense of style and will no longer allow you to play dress-up. 283 more words

Toddler Boy

Η Τουρκία της «ειρήνης και της συνεργασίας» [που έχει στην κατοχή της τη μισή σχεδόν Κύπρο] βράβευσε τον αρχιπροδότη Γιώργο Παπανδρέου!


Τον Γιώργο Παπανδρέου, βράβευσε ο δήμαρχος του Μπεϊλίκντουζου της Κωνσταντινούπολης, Εκρέμ Ιμάμογλου για τη συμβολή του στη βελτίωση των σχέσεων μεταξύ Ελλάδας- Τουρκίας και τη συνεισφορά του στην προώθηση της ειρήνης σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο. 7 more words



I LOVE napping.

Who doesn’t want a nice nap? I mean, if there was one thing I would require everyone to do in the afternoon, it would be to rest and recharge for the rest of the day, mid-afternoon, after a nice hearty lunch. 442 more words