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The Future's Here Today:Pega Monstro

There is something about siblings singing together, which is just utterly unearthly. The Staves, Ibeyi, the Carter family back in the day, along with countless others, weave harmonies together that are spellbinding and impossible to replicate with other non-related band members . 113 more words

Lorna Irvine

Sustainable Writing: How is the Pre-Professional Writer Like a Garage Band?

Many young musicians out there dream of one day being discovered and making it big. Do they become legitimate musicians only after they are offered a recording contract? 478 more words


Do You Love Nintendo Music Covers?

Me too. That’s why I’ve created a few so far :)


Week 1 - Listening and Appreciating

Listening and Appreciating is a very important aspect of music that can often be overlooked in favour of the creation of music. There are five main aspects of music that students should be allowed to focus on and these are: 330 more words


Surf Curse Are Back In Action! New Album + Tour Dates!

I Don’t need to tell you who Surf Curse are cause you probably have already heard of them… What I will tell you is that they are BACK! 10 more words

Our All Time Favorite All Time Low Hits: A Playlist

By: Amanda Meyer//

Back in 2003, four teenage boys from the Baltimore area joined forces to become a garage-based pop-punk cover band. Soon enough those four boys started calling themselves All Time Low and were signed to Hopeless Records before finishing off their senior year of high school. 283 more words


More Year 5 Smoothie Fair Jingles...

The children had a fantastic afternoon sharing their hard work with friends and family at the Smothie Fair.​