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[PHOTOS] Lee Brice Takes Us Back To Those Garage Band Days!

So we always seem to get good #throwbackthursday posts from artists all over Twitter, and Lee Brice used it to show off that even country stars can start out in garage bands! 48 more words


What Are Your Talents?

(This post will have updates until I get all my music on here)

In my early to mid twenties I used to mess around with various music making software. 547 more words


Project 16: Love Song in Classic G (Song)

I recently wrote a song. It was a couple of weeks ago in fact and it turned out to be such a love song I could puke. 827 more words


Rumors of a New Podcast

I have seven podcast subscriptions. Three of them are monthly magazines, two are dedicated to language, one of those being the podcast version of A Way With Words, 334 more words


Participatory Storytelling

My Experience

Working with ED677 through the Participatory Storytelling assignment via Twitter was an interesting activity which made for a unique experience.  This was my first experience with Twitter, so everything from the very beginning was new.   828 more words

Digital Storytelling

You Don't Have to Be Rich To Make A Record

We say it all the time at KGMC, you don’t have to put a ton of money into gear to get some ideas recorded. Money helps, but if you’ve got a bad song, or you’re doing it wrong, it doesn’t matter. 169 more words


Let a smile be your medicated umbrella

Garage Band is to music what Photoshop is to photography, namely a lot of people have it but few know how to really use it. I can think of a few other things we don’t use to their full capacity: the remote, microwave ovens, democracy. 177 more words