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How To Export Stems (Individual Tracks) From Your DAW Recording Session

So, you are getting your recording professionally mixed, and your mixing engineer asked you for ‘stems’ from your recording session, and you have no clue what they are talking about… No problem! 259 more words


iHacked. Apple cracked at last

Once the holy grail of cyber crime, the Spartan like defences surrounding Apple’s devices have finally crumbled to dust.

An onslaught of cyber attacks this week have seen the technology megalomaniacs genius community thrown into a panic, as iMacs, iPhones, iPads and iPods across America fall one by one under the complete control of a group of hackers calling themselves MS5. 235 more words


Vintage Nick Knowlton/Katahdin! Hardcore Rock n' Rolla from 1982


Older locals from Lewiston Auburn will remember the band Katahdin… and its lead singer Nick Knowlton, who’s still rockin’ and rollin’ today!

The Hardcore Rock ‘n Rolla… 142 more words

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Lavaa Man - ART [EP] 

100% Recorded on an iPhone 5. With production made in Garage Band on the iPhone 5. Lavaa Man gives you his ART.

Track list
1. … 56 more words

Lavaa Man

The band

When I was 16 in 1965, my brother had a band. In the basement.

I don’t remember its name now — aging does that to a gal — but they were loud and noisy. 782 more words

The Mystery Man of Steely Dan: An Interview with Singer David Palmer

In 1971, David Palmer was working in a plastics factory in his home state of New Jersey. He’d recently left the rock band he’d sung with, the Myddle Class. 1,401 more words