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Garage Band

Garage Band is a line of digital audio workstations for macOS and iOS that allows users to create music and record other audio. This past week in my multimedia storytelling class, the class did a tutorial using garage band for our perspective digital stories. 63 more words

Garage Band

Live Review: L.A. Witch, Sleazy's

Not to be fucked with. That’s the Los Angeles trio LA Witch. They make being bad feel good. Sade Sanchez’ gimlet eyed vocals and sneering guitar creates a hurricane tonight. 209 more words

Lorna Irvine

Re-Degravitized - creation

This is basically a revamp of an old song I made for the Youtuber Dr_GravityGaming. It is honestly much better than the first creation. I am also getting the hang of creating Dubstep styled music.


2018 & Im blogging again.

I’ve been silent for a while.

Not much has been floating around my mind to get me to hop on here and talk. I would typically voice my opinions on certain stuff and rant about life but as of late I just haven’t been feeling it. 216 more words

Thoughts Catalog

Paradigm - Creation

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. This, I made not too long ago, and I like how it’s almost otherworldly. This was made for a friend of mine to act as background music for his videos.

You can find him here.


Year 6 Space Compositions

Year 6 have been composing Space music using classroom instruments, keyboards and the Garage Band app.

They worked in pairs and small groups to create sound effects. 12 more words

Year 6

Diffraction - Creation

This is another Dubstep Styled song that I called Diffraction. It’s a scientific term regarding light, so give me a break.