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Re-Degravitized - creation

This is basically a revamp of an old song I made for the Youtuber Dr_GravityGaming. It is honestly much better than the first creation. I am also getting the hang of creating Dubstep styled music.


2018 & Im blogging again.

I’ve been silent for a while.

Not much has been floating around my mind to get me to hop on here and talk. I would typically voice my opinions on certain stuff and rant about life but as of late I just haven’t been feeling it. 216 more words

Thoughts Catalog

Paradigm - Creation

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. This, I made not too long ago, and I like how it’s almost otherworldly. This was made for a friend of mine to act as background music for his videos.

You can find him here.


Year 6 Space Compositions

Year 6 have been composing Space music using classroom instruments, keyboards and the Garage Band app.

They worked in pairs and small groups to create sound effects. 12 more words


Diffraction - Creation

This is another Dubstep Styled song that I called Diffraction. It’s a scientific term regarding light, so give me a break.


Creating a Podcast

For my podcast, I decided to do a brief profile on a band that I really enjoy listening to because I am passionate about music. I opted to use clips of songs by the band Led Zeppelin to succinctly convey what each member of the band brought to the table. 202 more words

2d Gaming Music Creation

It’s the last week of classes for my first year back at Otago Polytechnic – and I’ll start by sharing some of the music I created via Garage Band for our 2d Gaming Class. 66 more words