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Creating a Podcast

For my podcast, I decided to do a brief profile on a band that I really enjoy listening to because I am passionate about music. I opted to use clips of songs by the band Led Zeppelin to succinctly convey what each member of the band brought to the table. 202 more words

2d Gaming Music Creation

It’s the last week of classes for my first year back at Otago Polytechnic – and I’ll start by sharing some of the music I created via Garage Band for our 2d Gaming Class. 66 more words


Corrosive Creation

So this is the second dubstep song of the Elemental Duo I created. I called them that because their names are aspects/terms relating to two behaviors of chemicals known as Acids and Bases. (Alkaline = Base, Corrosive = Acid)


Thunder without the Lightning

Not everything in life is easy. Sometimes it many storms in a week and others it is clear, sunny days. It seems to be with these assignments it is never a fun or successful time. 293 more words


My Commercial

Listen to my commercial here!

It is of very much surprise to me that I actually accomplished this task successfully! I was very nervous leading up to it. 272 more words

Class Assignments

'Driver, Take This Cab to the Depths of the Soul'

My 13th album, “Driver Take This Cab to the Depths of the Soul,” by my musical act “Salon de la Guerre,” is now available on iTunes, … 898 more words


Relic #1 - King John 'eil Leads the Termite Parade

I spent part of the weekend unpacking more boxes and found some old records (see Weekend Update #1). One of them was Kamchatka III. Kamchatka is a fusion/improvisational group lead by Dave McNally (I believe they still play?). 129 more words