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The Great Band Battle of 1967

The new year held promise.  Winter was cold, but the No Left Turns were undergoing a small-scale climate change, growing hotter every week.  We were playing for school dances all over the county, looking pretty cool in our matching Beatle boots and tan jackets that resembled salvaged burlap sacks.  753 more words

Garage Bands

A Place to Practice

It was spring, and they had just won the Battle of the Bands.  They were excited to think that if they stayed together and practiced maybe they would someday be playing college dances, not crummy affairs in their high school cafeteria with chaperones that only paid $125 to split five ways. 1,588 more words

Heavy Chevy and the Circuit Riders

I was associate director of the Janesville Public Library in 1981 when the phone call came to my desk.  Sue was looking for a master of ceremonies to host a fundraiser at St. 562 more words

Garage Bands

Oh, Geez! Part II: The First Gig

The party was at a classmate’s farmhouse on a Saturday evening in June.  We were invited to “entertain” our fellow sophomores as a band.  In fading daylight, the four of us set up our gear on the patio facing east into an apple orchard extending a hundred yards or more.  549 more words

Garage Bands

The End of Summer Can Be Deflating

The infamous garage band I led in high school named the “No Left Turns” had a rather “deflating” experience some 48 years ago.  It was a sultry night in late August.  359 more words

Garage Bands

Thee Oh Sees, a Patriotic-Sounding Garage Band

Anyone who has been fortunate enuf to receive one of my genius mixes knows that I got it going on gleaning the new and old from the present and past (not at all modest).  454 more words


Infinite Realities Excerpt 23 by Ken David Stewart

Episode Twenty-Three of Infinite Realities:

At eight PM Slim unlocked the front doors to River Heights Community Club and a crowd of young people that had been waiting around for about twenty minutes came in. 427 more words