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Oh, Geez!

Our garage band idea was conceived in the fall of 1965.  My cousin Mike and I got bored singing along with top forty tunes on the radio and decided to buy guitars so we could learn them ourselves.  550 more words

Garage Bands

Sounds of Music by Heidi Thurston

It all started with a ukulele and a used piano, bought at a bargain price from friends moving to California who did not want the expense of moving their old family upright from the east coast across country. 598 more words


5 Life Lessons from Styx

“Come on – we can do this man!” I can still hear Dave’s words like it was yesterday. In trying to convince me that our band needed to try out to be “the” summer band at Six Flags over Georgia, his argument was solid — girls. 855 more words

Where did it all orginate from?

The punk subculture began during the late 1970’s centered around the idea of underground garage bands, live concerts, and loud music. After 20 years underground socially isolated bands of outcast became the new mainstream culture, and trend. 107 more words

NEVER GET LAID: Episode 4 - "High School Never Ends"


The guys talk about high school, reuniting with old friends, Age of Empires, and lots and lots and lots of dick stories (from Jack) 45 more words

Never Get Laid

I Got Them Long Range Forecast Blues

Hi, my name is Ray and I am a recovering work-a- holic.  I have been struggling in my recovery and unfortunately, am not following my program.   398 more words

Ray Visotski

The Scar Boys by Len Vlahos

reviewed by Elvira Sanchez Kisser, Woodburn Public Library

A story told in a form of a college personal essay about the  journey of “Harry,” Harbinger Robert Francis Jones, the kid who was almost struck by lighting, his struggles to live with his scars, his trouble finding friendship, and eventually learning to find solace in music. 262 more words

OYAN Review