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Here Are The Sonics : The Sonics (#49)

Here Are The Sonics | The Sonics (March 1965)
Garage Rock – 28:48

“We were just a band.”

It is easy to put too much pressure on the arts – and the artists behind them – to be something more than they are. 930 more words


The Second Revision - Band Interview

Australia-based The Second Revision have been making interesting and fun rock since forming a few years ago. The band spoke with ETV about the themes of their music, the challenges they face, and offered advice for other musicians and artists who are starting out. 373 more words


By the Time I Get to Phoenix

“By the Time I Get to Phoenix” was written by Jimmy Webb. First recorded by Johnny Rivers in 1965, it was later covered by Glen Campbell in 1967 — which led to both Campbell’s superstardom and Webb’s success as a songwriter. 26 more words


Over Under Sideways Down

“Over Under Sideways Down” was released in 1966 by the English rock group the Yardbirds. On the studio recording, Jeff Beck played both the lead guitar and bass guitar. 45 more words


Beck / Odelay

Few artists have had as eclectic a career as the elusive Beck – his styles stretch from the lush funk-pop of Midnite Vultures to the dreamy folk of 2014’s  707 more words


Pun After Me Own Art

Hard to dislike a band who blatantly puns their own name for a track title. I mean, come on! A bit of a garage rock, stoner/psychedelic thing going on. 54 more words