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Animal House - Sorry EP

Britpop still seems to be quite an obsession for many Australians, as a lot of indie/garage bands adopt that ’90s Britpop sound. Animal House is one such band – starting out in Brisbane, they took the Britpop obsession further by moving on over to the UK to continue their music career. 299 more words

CD Reviews

Bossa Roo

“Bossa Roo” was a track on the Shadows 1964 album “Sound of the Shadows”. My recording is pretty much a straight cover, right down to Hank Marvin’s solo break. 16 more words


Big Boy

“Big Boy” was the final track on the Shadows 1961 debut album. It’s something of a foot-stomper/hoedown/rockabilly number. It’s interesting how American music was such a big influence on British bands in the 1950’s and 60’s. 21 more words


Random Start: Slothrust - “Horseshoe Crab”

First single from the new album that comes out next Friday. Very reminiscent of a couple of tracks from the last record in that it’s almost 2 versions of the same song wrapped into one track.


Little Child

“Little Child” was on side two of “Meet the Beatles”, the Capital Records album that introduced he Fab Four to most of us here in the USA. 41 more words


Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me

“Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me” is a track from the Shadows 1964 album “Sound of the Shadows”. It was never released as a single. The quality of the Shadows album “filler” tracks is quite remarkable. 76 more words