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Clear the clutter

Clutter can weigh you down.

Clutter is chaotic, especially for people with high organizational skills.

A cluttered apartment, or just having random crap in various places throughout your home, is stressful. 226 more words


Bruno Vacuum Trash Can

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Overview: Which is why your dustbin should too. Bruno is a delightfully obvious trash can with an inbuilt vacuum. Forget your inefficient dust pan that takes forever to collect all your dust (and makes you a hunchback in the process). 45 more words

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Some days are plastic garbage bags

Some Days are plastic garbage bags
barely floating in the murky water of a pond,
licked by hungry tongues of lizard’s fog
wriggling in my dirty socks. 141 more words


Thank you for curdled milk...

WARNING: This blog post is about REAL life and REAL events. If you have a weak stomach, read no further. Otherwise, enjoy a snippet of my REAL life! 1,357 more words


Meet The Laziest Goldarn Gift-Wrapper of All Time

Do you hate wrapping? I mean, HATE it? You may think you do. But I defy you to be more of a hater than yours truly. 429 more words

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Black in a Swell of Pain

I was sore all over. I woke up face first on a mat of garbage bags. It wasn’t the stench of rotting waste that woke me , it was the taxi drivers laugh . 277 more words

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Save the Environment with Garbage Bags

There is only one earth and we must take care of it. Why not do your part in saving this planet by segregating our trash. Thanks to the colorful garbage bags that help us in separating our recyclables and chemical trash. 363 more words

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