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Working In Rain & Thinking

Yesterday I worked in the rain, building a partially hidden area for our trashcan and recycling bins along a side of our house. I had cemented posts in the ground the evening before, and laid plastic and pavers. 1,002 more words

Bicycle Friendliness

Like Amsterdam, Copenhagen is a city with an extensive cycling network.
Discovering a city by bike is nice, it gives you a certain freedom. For me it looked like they cycled so much faster than me and my classmates, but the Danish think the same about the cyclists in Amsterdam. 583 more words

Waste baskets:

We as a nation are long since past the point of despising our own Constitution, which has been the highest law and authority in the land, and is the basis of our founding.  112 more words


Vandal Paints Swastikas On Garbage Cans In Beverly

(CBS) — A homeowner in the Beverly neighborhood walked out Monday night to find swastikas scrawled across his trash cans.

White paint was used on the cans that sit in the alley. 45 more words


It's the little things (or something).

Being an adult means, apparently, getting really excited about things like fancy garbage cans. Like this beauty:

Or this fine fellow right here:

What is happening to me??? Send help.

In Order To Take Away

I have lived in the same house for several years now.

Ever since I moved in, a private waste management company has taken care of the trash in my neighborhood. 471 more words

Photos With Christian Thoughts By Myra Johnson