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And the po po wonder why African Americans don't trust them?

From here:

A new police chief for the City of Farrell in Pennsylvania has come under fire for sending an offensive email that included racial slurs.

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I hate throwing things in the garbage. It bothers me, deeply, from an environmental perspective. I know things. I have no problem throwing out stuff that will turn into dirt. 135 more words

Americans should wake up to gov/media war propaganda (Go Greenwald!)

From here:

“The lesson that the American media has supposedly learned after the 9/11 attack,” Greenwald began, “was that allowing political and military intelligence officials to make all kinds of claims without scrutinizing and questioning and pushing them back is a really destructive thing to do.”

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Funny how you can always tell when somebody is laughing behind you. I hadn’t really heard anything, maybe a whisper, but when I turned around, the girls at the back row of the class were looking at me, trying to hide smiles and giggles. 1,880 more words


City of Calgary calls for federal tax breaks for food donations

CALGARY – City council passed a motion Monday calling for Ottawa to do more to help feed the hungry.

The Calgary Food Bank already supplies three million meals a year and the need is growing. 254 more words



The garbage collection schedule has a pretty huge impact on what I end up finding (or not finding). For instance, while the trucks generally start their rounds at 7am some streets aren’t covered until 3pm or later. 940 more words

Idiot politicians solidify careers with terrorism!

Headline from the Guardian:

Marco Rubio vows US troops will inflict ‘humiliating defeats’ on Isis

It’s hard to believe that such stupidity will garner votes but it sure is an easy attempt.  

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