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Child Labor Can Be Good: How I Redirected My Toddler's Trash Can Habit Into Her First Chore

It was so simple. I managed to redirect my child’s negative behavior into actually helping mommy. One little baby raising victory, and I’m suddenly giddy! Here’s what happened. 535 more words


I mean c'mon what?

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On Tuesday evening’s edition of “Out Front with Erin Burnett,” CNN political commentator Marc Lamont Hill got into a shouting match with ex-NYPD detective and frequent television news guest Harry Houck.

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The Collapse Of Civilization

Isang Suhestiyon upang Mabawasan o Tuluyang Mawala ang mga Basura, at Kikita pa ang mga Mahihirap

Isang Suhestiyon Upang Mabawasan o Tuluyang Mawala
Ang mga Basura, at Kikita pa ang mga Mahihirap
Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Lubusang mabibigyan ng magandang kahulugan ang kasabihang “may pera sa basura”, kung bibilhin ng pamahalaan ang basura. 394 more words

Apolinario Villalobos

Sweden Runs Out Of Garbage: Only 1% Ends Up In Landfills

Something incredible has been taking place in Sweden over the past several years, somewhat of a “recycling revolution,” if you will. Currently less than one percent of the garbage produced in Swedish homes ends up in the landfill today, with the other ninety-nine percent being recycled or composted. 6 more words


The Election is Over

On March 3, 2015 Incumbent Nury Martinez won re-election as the Councilwoman for the 6th District in Los Angeles. She beat her challenger Cindy Montanez. 299 more words

Van Nuys And The Valley

I hate f*cking hate cheaters, A-Rod included

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As for what the fans want, I honestly don’t think they care much about performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) one way or another, despite the relentless moralizing by the sports media…

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The Collapse Of Civilization

All you Snowden haters should be double hatin' on Davey 'Death Squad' Petraeus

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Petraeus admitted in his plea agreement that the classified information he leaked included highly sensitive names of covert operatives, war plans for U.S.

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