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An aircraft wing, potentially from missing flight MH370, is found on a remote island

Airplane wing washes ashore on La Réunion Island. #MH370 speculation has already begun. http://t.co/FGbOjHWzG8 pic.twitter.com/crzhBrANeb

— Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) July 29, 2015

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Character study

I’ve been visiting this spot in Hampstead every week for a little over a month. Some people were apparently preparing for a move. Because I got behind on posting after my own move, and because the trash here came a little bit at a time (on the most part) I figured it best to wait until it was all done and share it all in one post. 725 more words

Wildlife and our garbage

With the summer heat setting in we are all looking for a cool treat or drink. Iced coffee’s/caps, flurries, blizzard treats and such are favored by many, and all these have one thing in common…That little plastic lid with the big hole in it. 520 more words

Our trash, Their treasure

Most people never cared about where to put their trash. But our trash is someone else treasure.


Your Compliance Will Be Rewarded - A Garden Story

This update really should have been done back in June when I did the big move. After the first day of painting, I received a notice in the mail from the HOA Board: 934 more words


Make your event a Non-Disposable Event!

So, you are planning an event, maybe at school, or church, or at the office, and you are serving food.  You would like to make it a litterless event, but how do you go about it?  495 more words