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South Coast Iceland -Black Sand Beach,Reynishverfi

Reynishverfi beach, near the village Vik in Myrdalur on South Coast of Iceland, is very popular and the most impressive black-sand beach in Iceland. It is also a popular destination for day tours that are organized by different tour companies in the Reykjavik. 321 more words


Debunking the Naming of Iceland: How the Island Got its Name

First of all, lets start with the myth I’ve heard a million times:

MYTH: Iceland and Greenland were named in order to trick other seafarers into going to Greenland, as it sounded more pleasant than Iceland, therefore the Vikings got Iceland all to themselves. 592 more words

Finding the Legacy of a Pioneer Mother

In 1936, a pioneer mother of seven children and with eleven siblings died as the last surviving member of her family. Guðrún Ólafsdóttir was 93 years old and had seen a lot of changes in her 67 years in North America. 2,544 more words


Encountering Igaliku

Today’s Igaliku, which was once Norse Gardar on Einarsfjord, was the next location on our itinerary. I say “our” as my partner Andreas and I met up with cinematographer Terryll Loffler on the boat from Qassiarsuk to Igaliku, to begin shooting the restoration of some stone structures at Gardar. 295 more words



I visited Akranes in Iceland last year in February on a rather cold and very snowy day but I just thought it was an incredible place, I’d love to visit it when the weather is better! 259 more words


Spring has come at last

With our tour of the glacier completed, we made our way south toward Vik, in southern Iceland.  As we drove, we could finally see the signs of spring emerging.   183 more words


Niceland: (30) Garðar BA 64

Built in 1912 in Norway, the Garðar BA 64 is the oldest steel ship in Iceland and remains beached in the Patreksfjörður fjord since 1981. It was used for fishing in the Icelandic waters and its rusting hulk still sits there today. 36 more words