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The 'Smart Garden' For Budding Naturalists Who Can’t Even Keep Their Houseplants Alive

You may love the idea of having freshly grown herbs at hand when you need to garnish a home-cooked meal (or throw something new on your usual Chipotle order), but feel like you have whatever the opposite of a “green thumb” is. 92 more words


Bring Your Garden Inside This Winter With This Sleek Streak Of Sunlight

Product Description

For those who believe that technology has a soul, the elegant Quadra brings sunlight into your home all year long. LED powered, it emits a colored light which is the combination of several selected light frequencies aimed to keep your vegetables, herbs, and house plants happy and growing. 84 more words


vintage toleware water can

Great vintage find by TreasuresPastOn (35.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1Lg2y53

Improve your garden with high-end garden decor products

Garden is an extension of our home, so you need to maintain it properly just like you do for your home. A garden enhances the overall aspect of your home; it makes your home look lively; it adds life to your abode. 527 more words

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Liven Up Your Garden By Erecting These Garden Dick Statues

No longer must you fear the inevitable awkward silence at garden parties, because this dick menagerie of various phallic copper statues will get guests chit-chatting for… 46 more words