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Know about the duty of the Gardeners that you should avail for perfect garden

People need GardenersĀ  for making life easy and for that there are so many different options available. 268 more words

Confessions of a Gardening Ignoramous

For the sake of learning and truth, I must confess the ignoramus moves I have made, and still make, as a certified Master Gardener…. I hoard plants, sometimes leave them in the pot for 2 years…Why on Gods Earth would I do that ? 181 more words

Garden Design


When you’ve spent 4 hours at the nursery and have to leave cause their closing, and you’ve stuffed every nook n cranny of the interior surface of your vehicle w plants and realize you cannot possibly fit 1 more flat of flowers in ur vehicle but u have 1 flat left…think again! 43 more words

Garden Design

Venue #14 Jill Fenwick

Over on Station Road, you will find the incredibly talented artist, garden designer and illustrator Jill Fenwick, merging all three roles into one and making it look effortless! 268 more words

Designers Self-Raise Dough!

SRUC Garden Designers managed to self-raise some serious dough on Thursday 28th February. Creative students from #SRUCHome and #SRUCBayet (our Gardening Scotland show-garden design teams) staged a phenomenally successful fundraiser at their Edinburgh HQ. 249 more words