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Garden Harvest by Uno - Uncured Pepperoni on Sweet Potato Crust

Finally, a non-flour crust I really like!  I couldn’t even taste the sweet potatoe although Pizza Girl certainly did.  There was something slightly different about the crust, but I wouldn’t classify it as tasting like sweet potato.   31 more words


Still Plugging Along

… in the garden and Hapkido.

Today I had my second test in Hapkido and passed fairly easily. My belt is now a slightly alarming shade of yellow although, unfortunately, on the picture, it only registered as a dull yellow. 319 more words


Easy One Skillet Dinner Recipe

One problem that comes up in an urban garden is that you probably don’t have the space to plant five rows of beans or 50 tomato plants. 352 more words


A Pear

Soon we will be harvesting pears and bringing hundreds upon hundreds to the local food pantry …. all from one tree that has been standing for many years!


This Summer's Potato Harvest

Before we left for our camping trip, we harvested all of the potatoes that we grew in just two small raised beds. It actually yielded quite a lot of good-sized potatoes. 88 more words

Yard And Garden

Seed Saving with Spinach

Hello everyone,

I didn’t have a lot of luck with spinach again this year. I am planting at the wrong times because it gets too hot for the spinach and it bolts every year before I even get a chance to harvest. 568 more words


My Plate Is Full

The garden is full of tomatoes, peppers, root vegetables and herbs.

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