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Make Your Garden Visually Appealing With The Garden Ornaments

There are number of ways for complimenting a house and among them, one is a garden that can be beautifully decorated. For this, people usually prefer to add the bushes, plants and trees. 221 more words

Handmade Wood

The Answer: Dialogue of Elizabeth and John part 3 of 3


“And how do you say beauty

Was born and shall die with me?

Only to call me vain and conceited!

How is it that you call me, by my name… 418 more words


The Proposal: Dialogue of Elizabeth and John part 2 of 3

If you missed the beginning be sure to check out yesterday’s dialogue “Preface”.


“May I, my dear?

Risk to whisper a humble compliment

In your angelic ear? 552 more words


Preface: Dialogue of Elizabeth and John part 1 of 3

An overly confident man asks for the hand of a petty girl in this Shakespearean inspired dialogue. See if he can save himself from the mess of his words in this three part series. 94 more words


Round things

We first visited Helmsley Walled Garden last autumn and in spite of the best intentions hadn’t actually been back again before today. However, as we were on foot (in other words, not having to worry about bicycles as we had a couple of weeks ago at Clumber Park walled garden), I was able to enjoy looking around at a reasonably leisurely pace. 122 more words


Refresh the body and mind in your own “secret garden”

Who still has time for gardening these days?

Breaking soil and planting seedlings may not be the most efficient recreational activities today, but gardening is one of the most rewarding – and just what we need in our fast-paced, high-stress time. 751 more words