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Six on Saturday - 21/4/2018

Not sure how it happened, but this is my 50th Six on Saturday post. 300 “things”, most of them plants. This weeks six is not the one where I shoot off in a different direction, not when we have some decent weather and flowers and shoots bursting out all over. 527 more words

Garden Plants

Grass and yummy things but no sunshine yet

Hello everybody.  Percy here again.  Although Bertie did ask me if he could start blogging again.  He may be back soon, just wait till he has something to talk about other than himself. 283 more words


Six on Saturday - 14/4/2018

Back after a week out. Last week I was “up country”, sampling the delights of the M25 and M3. I was judging camellias at the RHS show at Savill Garden; now that is a lovely garden, and I managed to spend all of Friday at Wisley, a garden that seems a little less to do with my sort of gardening every time I go there. 563 more words

Garden Plants

How To Spruce Up Your Garden All Year Long

Melbourne is renowned for its fickle weather. While we’re one of the lucky places in Australia able to experience Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn, sometimes we get to experience all 4 in one day. 414 more words

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Six on Saturday 31/3/2018

A week ago it seemed like the garden was poised for action, just waiting for the moment when winter shifted to spring. But someone hit the pause button and it all looks much the same. 644 more words

Garden Plants

Catching Up Again

Our computer is finally up and running after about two months of a busted hard drive. So here I am, catching up on over a month. 304 more words