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Looking blue

Dampiera diversifolia is one of my favourite plants mainly because of the beautiful blue flowers. It is a ground hugging plant useful for spilling of rocks. 37 more words

Garden Plants

October flowers

Here are a selection of banksias, grevilleas, isopogon and dryandras flowering in the garden. It is interesting  to look back at photos from the same time last year andsee how the seasons compare. 36 more words

Garden Plants

Tree follow

Not a lot has happen really to the butterfly bush waiting for it winter prune  every thing is about the same

Garden Plants

End of month view -September 2016

Shamelessly pinching the idea from Patient Gardener Helen, I am going to do this months eomv as a walk around our small patch of Cornwall. I’ve put a map at the bottom of the page showing where you are for each photo. 837 more words

Garden Plants

Fire Light Hydrangea

Nothing like Proven Winners Fire Light Hydrangea in the fall!