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Planting for bees in Oxfordshire

Here are a couple of websites with advice on garden plants, specific to our area: Oxfordshire, with its clay soils, wet climate and mild winters. 170 more words

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Need more seeds?

In case you gardeners in the US haven’t finished ordering your seeds for this year, here’s a tool that might help you sort through your enormous pile of catalogues: 174 more words

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Seed swap!

Yesterday on GardenChat, we talked about growing tomatoes. (To see the recaps of the Monday night chats, review their archives.) Looking at photos and hearing recommendations from gardeners across the US, Canada, and even a few from the UK, I became ravenous, craving not only fresh tomatoes, but their seeds as well. 210 more words

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Educating neighbours

A friend commented that I talk a lot about bee problems, but what was I actually doing about them? I tried some lobbying about neonics with my MP (got a polite brushoff from DEFRA) and the BBKA (long story), now I thought I would start from the bottom up and write a series of articles for our village magazine. 691 more words

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Garden log, 2.9.15

Nothing glamorous today. Shredded leaves for about 2 hours to adhere to my self-imposed promise┬áto shred last year’s leaves before this year’s emerge. I’m cutting it very close. 108 more words

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Garden log, 2.8.15

Hurrah! Mother Nature says it’s time to plant the peas.

It’s important to wait until your soil is adequately warm to plant seeds or transplants. If it’s too cold and damp, the seeds will rot, or germination will be delayed. 85 more words

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