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Flowers and Garden

Larson’s Garden Center is working hard to grow an awesome  2015 Flower and Garden Crops. Plantings have started in the Greenhouse with “Ralph-The Master Garderner” and our talented team of professionals. 113 more words


First day of spring

First day of spring

Now when I was going through the old bereft case that I stored my seeds in it got left behind in the shed when we moved in December  but it was reunited to me a  week ago smells very musty some of the seeds were damp one of them were some broad beans I was going to through them a way in the bin but thought I would see if they would grow so I planted then it to a big pot with a tree in  and all the loose  seeds which were dry I just sprinkled on a small patch and we will see what happens… 348 more words

Garden Plants

Starting the Garden

Today…oh happy day! My seed order arrived in the mail, in fact the mail carrier brought it clear to my door (since the boxes were too big to fit our large mailbox!) 395 more words


Spring: Yeah, It's Happening.

Spring is undeniably in the air. The first brave crocuses opened at the beginning of February, but were quickly pummeled by the snow. Now, the reinforcements have arrived and are covering the lawn with bright colors and attracting plenty of honeybees. 122 more words


a mixture

plus i need to clear some of my gallery to upload some photos  get frustrated doing that is their an easy way please

W ell I am so glad  to have my new greenhouse back up I got to work a way of holding the door up as the little ties are to short  to use… 215 more words

Garden Plants

Spring splendor

No plant is more glorious in springtime, I think, than the saucer magnolia (Magnolia x soulangeana). It’s impossible to look at these blossoms and not smile.

Garden Plants