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Bees nest in a tree (not quite)

The picture shows an apple tree in the garden next door. Faith spotted the comb after the leaves came down in Autumn 2016. In between seeing it and taking this photo something has been munching the edges somewhat; it was originally a smooth shape. 73 more words


Make A Garden Statement

How Live Moss Can Spruce Up Any Landscaping

Landscaping with moss can liven up any garden or landscaping. Many people use moss as an alternative to grass for it’s low maintenance and beauty. 563 more words

Some natives in flower this month

As the season has been milder so far the garden is looking pretty good. Here are some of the flowers. Sorry I can’t be bothered to remember their names.


Wax Flower


Garden Plants

Summer and Lavender

There is nothing quite like having lavender in the garden. The ‘Miss Donnington’ lavender is flowering well and the bees love it. I used to grow a range of lavenders but I prefer the fragrance of ‘Miss Donnington’ as it it not too sweet.

Garden Plants

End of month view -December 2016

At this time of year a bit of sunshine makes a huge difference both to photos of the garden and to the pleasure of being out in it. 191 more words

Garden Plants

All about the beauty in trees 

While am on walks in nature I always see these trees that stand out to me as they are not the normal looking trees you see they have a twisted beauty that I am amazed with and here are a few what do you think of trees like these? 44 more words

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