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O segredo das coisas perdidas

Jack Kerouac, no auge de sua intelectualidade beatnik, diz em uma de suas desenfreadas narrativas, “Eu só confio nas pessoas loucas, aquelas que são loucas pra viver, loucas para falar, loucas para serem salvas, desejosas de tudo ao mesmo tempo, que nunca bocejam ou dizem uma coisa corriqueira,mas queimam, queimam, queimam, como fabulosas velas amarelas romanas explodindo como aranhas através das estrelas”. 94 more words


The "Against The Crowd" Blogathon - 2015 Edition!

I partook in this most excellent blogathon last year and it looks like we’re back for round two in 2015! Wendell of Dell on Movies… 605 more words

Film Grimoire

My Own Record Store Day

I know music snobs are annoying, but I can’t help it.  The way some people read books, need books, is the way I need music.  Music breaks me.  282 more words


You changed my life, and I've known you four days :: Monday Movies

This Monday started out with placement tests at my soon-to-be college, which on one hand was PROGRESS!, but on the other hand was math, and the realization that I seem to have forgotten all the math I ever learned in my life beyond elementary school. 675 more words


2 Movies 1 Moment: A Kiss in the Rain

This Week: A Kiss in the Rain

Perhaps the most common romance cliché in movies, the kiss in the rain is still a great way to show passion between two characters, from its origins in films like… 1,388 more words


Military Park Newark Farmers' Market Returns Tuesday Aug 4th

Breaking News: As everyone in Northern NJ is awaiting the opening of BURG in Military Park in Newark, foodistas will be dancing on the lawn to live Jazz on Tuesday August 4th when the Military Park Farmers’ Market returns after  short hiatus. 85 more words

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5 of the Coolest Film Soundtracks From the Last 20 Years

Music can make a movie, and in some cases the soundtracks outlive the story. The past twenty years has been a great period of collaboration between sound and screen, with many indie films driven by a strong soundtrack, and in many cases original songs to release too. 824 more words