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NJ Pizza in Seattle

There are just some things that are necessities in life. If you are from New Jersey, these things include bagels and pizza. It is not a issue of preference, but an inherent need arising from coming of age in the environs of the Garden State. 458 more words


Farewell to the Garden State

Photo courtesy of Tony Webster, via Wikimedia Commons

Winter sucked in the Northeast this year (this is exactly the point at which hordes of Northern-based readers will say crankily to themselves, “No shit!” and surf off somewhere else). 741 more words

Close Encounters of the Strangers

I do not know how or why it happened but I have always found notion of being affected by a stranger quite amazing. Maybe I listened Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers too much as a teen. 434 more words


new slang

So the statue of limitations ended on Garden State, meaning it’s okay to go back again and listen to this song.  I watched the movie as well, wondering why I hadn’t liked it all those years ago for the first hour or so.   94 more words


Review: Wish I Was Here (2014)

A lot of people thought Zach Braff had some nerve asking his fans to fund his new film through Kickstarter. A millionaire actor needs us to pay for his little comedy drama to get made. 709 more words


The Ten Things I Do When I'm Upset

I know it’s not Top Ten Tuesday, but I’ve been needing to write this post for awhile now and this is the only day I had any sort of free time because I’ve been sick and busy at work. 640 more words

Past Entries

Be Reel, Guys | Episode 2: Sitting Shiva

Recorded in Brooklyn after a few cocktails, Chance and Noah discuss films dealing with people returning home after a loved one has died. In the cross-hairs this week are “This is Where I Leave You,” “The Big Chill,” and “Garden State.” With specific mentions for Zach Braff’s vanity, Tina Fey’s seriousness and Dax Shepard’s penis.