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Our garden (if we can call it that) was a barren old thing. Little more than a few square meters of concrete fenced off and overlooked on all sides by housing.

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The First Anemone

The first Anemone has arrived, I grew these for the first time last year and fell in love with them. These are again in a very heavy clay soil but at the front of the garden. 26 more words


Shunkaen Bonsai Museum - 春花園 BONSAI 美術館

Tokyo, March東京 3月

One afternoon Oosaki and I went to Shunkaen Bonsai Museum. The museum is a masterpiece made by the master himself: Kunio Kobayashi, who has lectured in several countries, received many awards and still one can find the humble man in his nursery teaching his apprentices. 248 more words

Misconceptions And Truths About Bonsai

What Is Bonsai ?

Bonsai is a miniature, container-grown tree that generally adheres to Japanese principles. Each Bonsai Tree is an art that is ever-growing and constantly changing, it is an art that is never complete. 717 more words

Life Lessons

Entanglement of the Passion Flower

I spent time with a friend on a project to untangle vines and re-route them to grow and climb on the lattice he had erected recently. 302 more words


Snowdrops in the Snow

We woke to a sprinkling of snow this morning, so I braved the early morning cold to take these shots from our garden before it all melts away :-)

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