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En passant...

Today a friend who lives in Rome sent a little comment about his visit to the Villa Borghese. This famous museum only admits 80 persons per hour instead of the usual 300 person per hour due to Covid 19 concerns. 667 more words


Looking closer

The patio knitting continues.  I’ve gotten the first sleeve on my caramel sweater done since the pic below was taken and gotten the double points in for the second.   158 more words


Watering: Brain Renovation in the Garden

(A series of articles exploring alternatives to the daily barrage of information, images and thought-clutter that comes at us through our handheld devices. I have been experimenting with electronic-free venues in order to reclaim the real estate of my mind and inner life with pleasing results. 525 more words



Catching up on my reading list to date, I picked up Pagan Portals: The Cailleach hoping to find an organized collection of folktales about her on the road to knowing her better. 417 more words


Good signs of what’s to come (we hope!)

As usually happens each year, once the middle of July hits, we reach a lull in the action, garden-wise that is. Our weekend routines revolve around general maintenance—weeding, extra watering, checking for bugs, chasing out rabbits…the usual. 350 more words


Backyard Berries

Raspberry and Blackberry. These are hardy and productive, and they can create large wild brambles. They can be susceptible to viral diseases, especially if they receive too much moisture. 279 more words


The Other Tree

Most people recall Adam and Eve ate of the, Tree-of-Knowledge-of-Good-and-Evil, but there was another tree.  It was the Tree-of-Life.

God said, “The Man has become like one of us, capable of knowing everything, ranging from good to evil. 207 more words