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King of the North Pepper

The King of the North pepper is the best tasting pepper in my garden, hands down.

I’m not a fan of most peppers. I think they have an odd flavor. 159 more words


Bee on Rudbeckia

One thing that I am thankful for is that bees are visiting most of the perennials in my new garden.Β  In these days when fields of wildflowers are not as common and roadside wildflowers are being mowed down or considered weeds and treated with weedkiller, it is comforting to me that at least some bees find their way to my garden. 38 more words


Te Puna Quarry Park

People extol the virtues of New Zealand’s natural beauty, but landscaped local parks also flourish in the country’s perfect mild climate. And while there are enough local parks in New Zealand to fill a lifetime and we visited more than a dozen in our two weeks, … 516 more words

Pups All Around

Over the last month there has been a burst of growth with my Aloe Vera plants. I how a total of four new pups bringing my total to seven. 41 more words


rain rain...



bee exploring petals...

β€œOne can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care. Such is the quality of bees…” Leo Tolstoy, 1872


Vegetables and Herbs

Every year we grow our own food. Something about the taste of a freshly picked vegetable really makes a meal.

Every evening my wife goes out to water and cover the plants. 147 more words