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Harvesting: Cornflower Petals

Our cornflower plants grew pretty huge this year, so we finally have enough blossoms to harvest the flowers! Flower petals can be used in tea blends, and I’m reeeeally looking forward to making some blends up this year. 24 more words


Backyard Eats

As I watch my vegetable garden grow, I can’t help but salivate in anticipation of the delicious things I’ll soon be eating! Roasted squash, vine-ripened tomatoes, and cucumbers will soon be calling my name. 339 more words


Framing the shot

A razor wire (aka, concertina wire) frame for an African Tulip tree blossom.

The rainy season not only brings lush greens, it brings the brilliant red-orange of the Árbol de tulipán to Oaxaca.


Early Summer Dinner

It has been a busy June, celebrating our farm community’s 50th year. I’m behind in blogging, but have been cooking quite a bit. Now that the huge party is over, hopefully my focus can return. 91 more words


Beet Ketchup

Beets and ketchup may seem like an unlikely pair, but this intriguing sweet and tangy flavor combination, will truly make your taste buds come alive. 189 more words