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Neighbor's Trees

My neighbor has beautiful trees.  I really enjoy looking at them while sitting in the backyard.

Vivid Visuals

This photo is stunning. I love the vivid colours of the petals. The vast number of flowers is amazing, these build up a stunning visual which catches the eye. 33 more words

Close Up Photos

Stop the vegetables, I wanna get off!

It’s always the same in August; I get tired of processing food. I know that we are happy and grateful for it in the winter time, and maybe healthier and a little “richer” for it, too. 624 more words

Life And Pets


It’s been what, four years, since I moved in with my sweetheart, leaving my beloved Berlin proper. Charlottenburg, a western district of Berlin, I called home for so many years, I just could not fathom ever going elsewhere. 580 more words


2Liter Plant Protection

YAY! Another Artistic Drawing from Yours Truly!

It’s hard for most bugs or animals to get around, through, the plastic. Add Two Way Tape  for extra protection! 87 more words

Gardening Tips, Tricks, Decor


It rained in the very early morning and now again at dusk.  The day was by turn, cool, sunny, cloudy, hot and muggy.  What of my mood can I blame on the weather? 1,000 more words

Growing A Daughter