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Happy Birthday Grandad

Today is the 21st of October, which to most people means nothing but to me it is a very important day. The 21st of October is my grandad’s birthday, he means the world to me and has been such a huge part of my life that I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate a post to him today. 749 more words

Finn McSpool's Treacherous Trip to Kula Botanical Garden

This week’s look back at Finn McSpool’s Hawaiian Adventure takes him away from the beautiful beaches and bustling towns of West Maui and whisks him off to the slopes of a volcano in East Maui where he got into a little trouble at the… 666 more words



Cacti and succulents are resilient — but not immortal. Although they cannot be easily killed by over or under watering and over or undersunning them, in general growing cacti and succulents in the Philippines that has a tropical climate is a challenge. 255 more words


Wildlife, If you build it....they will come

With having two young boys, things that crawl, slime and buzz are regular features in our lives.

One of the drivers for moving to a house on a decent sized plot was to create an area dedicated to wildlife so our kids could learn first hand about nature. 937 more words


Fall Fever

I love fall. The season of active gardening is winding down, for better or worse. The triumphs and tragedies are in the past, to be fondly remembered or recovered from. 190 more words


State of the Garden - October

Things are looking very cleared out in the garden right now with a nice big space where the corn used to be.

With most of the harvesting finished except for a few plants like the ground cherries, I’ve moved into seed collecting mode — such as my lettuce plants with their cottony filaments… 26 more words