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The Rose of Saffron

The Rose of Saffron: The World’s Most Expensive Spice

by Sharee Solow

Some spices cut like a knife, but sultry saffron envelopes classic ingredients with an alluring color and scent that can be difficult to describe. 163 more words


Spring Is Bustin’ Out All Over (Finally!)

Actually, it’s still a bit chilly here in Middle Tennessee, but the things that are supposed to be blooming are, in fact, up and at ’em— 183 more words


Garden 4/24/15

lemons, roses, deer

show up to be inspected

baby grandson claps


Tutorial: Ponds

If there is a little pond in your diorama, it makes great background scenery for your Sylvanian photos.

I will make a small pond in this tutorial, but you can use the same method to make rivers or big lakes, too. 228 more words

Calico Critters

I Wasted the Day

I wasted the day.

Watching sparrows carry grassy insects to their young
Digging idly in the cool soil for worms
Touching their iridescence in the sun… 92 more words

Turnabout's Fair Play

Without the sun, these baby beans and winter squash
Vines cannot outrun even baited slugs.
Ravenous robins, myopic in the rain,
Snip stems, guzzle hard-working worms. 84 more words