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[Herb]ie Fully Loaded

So this past weekend I decided to venture into gardening… It is important to mention that I’ve never been particularly good at keeping anything alive for very long buuut I’m thinking new phase, let’s try a new hobby! 230 more words


Garden of Darkness by Anne Frasier

“Garden of Darkness” by Anne Frasier is a chilling atmospheric tale of horror. This follow-up to “Pale Immortal” should please fans and new readers alike. According to the legend of the Pale Immortal a vampire built the town of Old Tuonela. 12 more words


88 years old.  Feet swollen shuffle across the floor in cramped black shoes that need to be  and will be replaced soon.  Age is showing up on the man I have always known as my dad. 776 more words

Helping Your Landscaping Be the Ideal It May Be with Very Little Effort and Reasonable Outlay

Hunter Industries recognizes the importance of innovation with regards to the lawn care marketplace, but more to the point to the yards it services. This business is well known for developing new products which will satisfy both demands, with… 258 more words


Helping Your Landscaping Be the Greatest It Might Be with Little Effort and Fair Costs

Hunter Industries recognizes the significance of advancement in regards to the property care and attention industry, however more importantly to the turf it serves. This business is well known for producing new items that will fulfill both demands, with… 252 more words



Youthful energy danced amongst the garden,

Lively with the Spring air.

Even the morning sunlight glistened,

With a childish grin.

Age seemed just a number for the world, 162 more words