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5 Houseplants You Can Basically Never Kill

If you’re like me, your thumb is less green than orange– Cheetos dust, don’t judge! Nonetheless, I do love bringing plants and nature into my home. 200 more words


The fickle gardener

Dabbling in indoor gardening during the winter whetted my appetite for a larger project. I soon found myself asking my landlady if I could tear up her garden, hoarding compost and ordering seeds online. 290 more words


The Humble Gardener

I love the humble gardener,
His hair unkempt,
Holes in his shirt,
So down to earth.

I had an uncle,
His teeth stained, some missing, 38 more words


we are God's garden

by Jeff Rainwater, 20 April 2017, Cheyenne, WY

Dark, fertile, earth hides
under my fingernails.
Compost’s sharp scent
fills my nostrils.
Aching back protests
a good day’s effort… 58 more words


Demon barber

We cut our hair unscathed
Then take to the garden with glee
Attacking lawn and trimming hedge
Like fingers caressed by leprosy



Day 015/100

A truly odd match-up: Timothy the Funeral Director vs. Nancy the Doddering Gardener! How can you pick a favorite? Well, you have to for this project to work! Vote in the comments!


Front Gardens

Utilising space is hugely important when it’s limited. Front gardens are a wasted space that aren’t viewed as a ‘garden’ and only a driveway or place to put the bins. 257 more words