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Yes, you read that right. The lousy garden. A patch of dry ground that is either completely bare or choked with weeds. Truly, the anti-nirvana of gardening. 314 more words


Architect or Gardener: Which Kind of Writer Are You? — Kyle A. Massa

As a writer, I’m fascinated by other writers’ writing habits. There are infinite ways to construct a story, so it’s interesting to hear how others choose to do it.

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Daily Prompt: Gate


Hello Everyone!

How many definitions are there for gate? Let’s see!

  • Gateway to Heaven, “cool”,
  • Gateway to Hell, “hot” – way too “hot” for me, hope my stay is short,
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Adventures in Beekeeping (The Lawn)

Over the weekend the Significant Otter mowed the lawn, completely avoiding the hive because A) He has firmly stated he wants nothing to do with them and B) he’s slightly afraid of getting stung. 267 more words

The Gardeners

My father was a remarkable gardener. Thousands of flowers and vegetables. He dug up and brought in every gladiolus bulb and in the basement laid them on abandoned window screens. 287 more words