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Ode To An Irrational Fear Of Gardeners

Mightier than the sword
Is the noble pen
An idea that is flawed
Every now and then
For I’d rather have a blade
If attacked by a hoard… 8 more words


Be the Gardener, not the Carpenter for your kids

There is no doubt that we wish the best for our kids. We try as hard as we can and make choices as intelligently as possible. 579 more words


What to Expect from Landscape Gardeners?

You’re able to repeat unique features, but make an effort not to make the entire landscape picture too monotonous and same-looking. The application would suggest various designs appropriate for your landscape, dependent on the dimensions of the garden. 409 more words


Katauta 18 Aug 2016

If your garden fails

to flourish, you must amend

the soil, not the flowers.


Timehop Memories

Yesterday morning I checked my Timehop as usual looking for photos of my toddler from the year prior. When doing so I found this image from six years ago. 528 more words

Growing babies.

I’ve heard it said that while an American child will ask, “How are babies made?,” a Chinese child will ask, “How do babies grow?” So, “How does your garden grow?” is not just a line from a nursery rhyme! 94 more words