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गुरु मेरा माली भया, चुन चुन काटे घास॥
जो भाया सो रख लिया, बाकी यम के पास॥

My master is a gardener, he selectively cuts the grass. 85 more words

Dohe (Couplets)

Master Gardener class begin tomorrow night

Ever wish you were the master of your garden?

Instructors from Mississippi State University will show you how. Master Gardner classes, designed to train and certify participants in consumer horticulture,  begin tomorrow: Thursday, Jan. 32 more words

Brookhaven Community

Don't settle, eat the best!

I bought a sandwich and as I sat down to eat it, the first thing I did was remove the tomatoes. My husband looked at me baffled and said “I thought you liked tomatoes love?” 852 more words

Spring clean

Before the garden starts to grow again, I use this dormant period to tidy the garden. The jobs listed can be done over a weekend. They aren’t time consuming and will improve the look of your garden straight away! 303 more words


Time and attention

The parable of the non-producing fig tree is intended to enforce the warning – if your life does not come to a place of repentance and turning back to God, it will be cut down and you will be lost.   328 more words

4 compelling reasons to hire an efficient lawn mowing service

It could be daunting enough for anyone to cut or trim the grasses on the lawn. If you like to retain the aesthetic ambiance of your property and the lawn mainly, you need to hire professional lawn care service. 482 more words

FENCINGlawn Mowing Service

Sowing seeds

Everyone should start sowing seeds.

It’s relaxing, encouraging and is accessible for anyone to do.

Begin with seed sowing compost. This is a special mixture containing the correct level of nutrients for the seed to grow well. 345 more words