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A Glimpse Into My Urban Garden

Welcome to a documentation of thoughtful learning towards a more sustainable way of life, all while exploring what nature has to offer. I’m Niki and I enjoy feeling the earth between my toes, whether that be in my garden plot, on a hike above the clouds, or in the hallways of my home with my sweetheart and our playful pup. 197 more words


Sweetcorn: Ground preparation

Ok, now growing sweetcorn has always been one of my lesser achievements. We had one half decent year some seven years back, and other years when all the corn went to smut. 394 more words


Correlation between learning styles and sport styles or: the loneliness of a long distance runner

One of the hypotheses I recently made (but yet need to find corroborating stats for) was that there might be a connection between the learning styles of a long distance runner vs. 241 more words

Mexican Gardener

I’m an immigrant to Mexico, working illegally as a gardener. The irony isn’t lost on me.

It’s hot, sweaty work; mostly I’m cleaning up fallen palm fronds and coconuts while watering a jungle of vegetation in blistering heat. 524 more words

Our extraordinary new hedge!

Quite a few years ago now, Uncle Baldrick and I bravely moved a rather evil single cactus plant from our tiny garden at the old apartment, over to the farm. 178 more words




Flowers set far apart,

Mysterious gardener’s art…

Branches grow out

For  flowering clout,

Leaving room to grow is smart!

–Jonathan Caswell

A Caswell Limerick Poem