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Christmas Gift Guide for the gardener in your life

Gardeners, for me they are an alien bunch but there are a fair few in my family and as such, over the years, I’ve managed to find a few gifting gems. 403 more words

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The Optimist's Autumn Ritual

I must be an optimist.  What else could explain why, every year about this time I spend hours in my garden planting hundreds (yes, hundreds) of tulip bulbs?  584 more words

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Genuine Winning: In Little there is Much

Winning is not everything if the basics and the core that is our inner thinking and belief structure is a mess. We have those who have lazy wins – where the other party did not prepare well and as such they did not put up a formidable fight. 1,158 more words


Welcoming Carole Irving to bGallery

Working with acrylic paint in vibrant colour which is applied by knife, I create floral themed paintings on canvas. Based in Dorset I work from my garden studio overlooking the Frome valley. 248 more words

Living Life

This rather rickety old bicycle parked in a nondescript corner of our compound brought back memories.
I still remember the time when I first tried to ride one and fell flat on my face. 304 more words

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Scarlet Oak...

I bought a Scarlet Oak tree in early fall.  It was only about eighteen inches tall and all its leaves were green.  I dug a hole for it.  292 more words


The Gardener (Taboo M/M)

He had been watching the man for a while, in between pruning the petunias and spraying the weeds. It had become a compulsion, an addiction. He didn’t know why it fascinated him so, to see the young Adonis splayed out in the chair, but try as he might, he couldn’t help but watch. 787 more words