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Growing Sweet Potatoes Experiment

Yeah, SCIENCE! (Breaking Bad reference)

Who doesn’t love a good science experiment?  Unfortunately, I don’t think I inherited a lot of my Dad’s scientific genes (he was a chemist), but I do get a kick out of trying new things that seem a bit weird and nerdy.  490 more words


Nourish Your Inner Water Faerie With Aquascaping

Everyone seems to be on the faerie bandwagon these days. You can find articles on faerie gardens, faerie houses and miniature faerie this and thats… 79 more words


Are You Missing a Green Thumb?

If you love the look of lush living plants, but never seem to be able to pull it off due to a busy schedule, a lack of know-how or you’re missing a green thumb, underwater gardening may be just right for you. 111 more words


Plants You Should Be Using As Groundcover

Groundcover plants are your hardworking gardening solutions to problem landscape areas where other plants won’t grow as dependably or at all. We depend on them to carpet areas where we need to control erosion, to succeed and thrive in dry conditions, and to even provide some evergreen beauty year round in our yards.  525 more words


Housewarming: New colour scheme brings updated look together

One of the owners of this home in Pierrefonds recently read an article on how to add value to a home. They have done just about everything mentioned in the column to the interior. 769 more words


Different types of Tomatoes

Trela Phelps from City Floral shows us some of the different types of tomatoes. 18 more words


Smart Xeric Strategy: Grow Edible Plants

It’s a trend that was a long time in coming, but edible landscaping is here to stay, and it can be a great xeric landscaping strategy.  805 more words