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Homemade Garden Insect Spray That Really Works

May 25, 2016

You’ll love this homemade insect spray recipe that we found at An Oregon Cottage! It is easy to make and works effectively against garden bugs. 201 more words

Health And Wellness

My Lettuce is Starting to Bolt!

I hate to admit that I’m greedy, but I’m upset that my lettuce is beginning to bolt, signaling the end of the season. I was glad I could give some good Romaine and Butter Crunch lettuce to my friends today. 188 more words


Spring flowers and plants

We interrupt our regular Spain trip post this week to bring you some photos of spring this year. I’ll be back next week with more Spain photos and tales. 86 more words


Friends and Lettuce

Yesterday between rain storms I harvested Romaine and Butter Crunch lettuce from both the main square foot garden and the side lettuce garden. I washed it and then put it in piles to give to friends today. 88 more words


Morning Gift

When my husband returned from taking the doggies out this morning, he gave me this. Isn’t this pretty?

I think this is the best year for hydrangeas that we’ve had in a LONNNNNG time. 88 more words

Mother Nature

Mollusc Might

I weeded the raised veg beds today and found that the molluscs have eaten every single lettuce and most of the carrot seedlings.

Chickweed they ignore, as they do speedwell and jack-by-the-hedge and every other weed – just went straight for the good stuff… 25 more words

Jan Edwards