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Gardening in the Dark

You know how it goes, you’re making a nice place in the soil for the Sweet Pea seeds you’re going to pick up tomorrow, while your husband plays the banjo on the deck (mine anyway), from there you decide to clean up the delphiniums shoots, imagining their bright blue flowers as you go, and then it’s on to placing the metal rings into the ground that will soon support the fancy big peonies.   298 more words

Text Me Love Mom

Mom Nature Lights My Fire

This plant appeared in my garden a couple of years ago. I thought it was some sort of Amaranthus blown in from across the Atlantic Ocean and decided to leave it to see what happened. 212 more words

Treasure Coast Living

The Modern-Day Miniature Cistern

This week’s blog post was written by Caroline Cummings, WCO intern and advocate for rainwater collection.

The history of rainwater collection 

The history of rainwater collection dates back to almost 3,000 years ago.   610 more words

Appreciating the Master Gardener

I tend to the kitchen garden and the west wing garden around here, but Mr. Mims tends to pretty much all the rest. Although gardening is a combination of skill, timing and hard labor, it can also be highly creative. 43 more words


05-04-2016 Journal–Bad Weather & Politics!

Politics!  I’m already sick of the so called media experts and their effed up opinions on everything. I swore I’d try to stay out it but if I see a big enough A-hole I just have to say something. 424 more words

Just Saying Again


Last night, it rained. Boy, we needed it!  Though it seems the snow has just barely disappeared, things are dry here on Beaver Island.

I recently re-typed a notice from our fire chief, explaining the reasons (less overall snowfall, for one) and warning about the increased fire danger. 267 more words


The body corporate's property

By Anton Kelly

We all understand that the body corporate of a sectional title scheme does not own the common property, the common property is co-owned by the individuals who own units in the scheme, but it is possible for the body corporate to own units in the scheme. 515 more words