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No broccoli on the rain gutter garden scene so I grabbed 3 buckets to plant radishes in.  That was last week.  We’ve gotten some rain since then and yesterday I had this. 59 more words

The reason we Garden

This evening, my husband went to join his motorcycling friends for dinner. The purpose of their outing is more about riding the motorcycles than it is about dinner. 185 more words

Treasure Coast Living

My Love for Uniquely Interesting Foliage (Part 2)

Last time, I highlighted four plants with uniquely-colored leaves: coleus of different varieties, a plant with green, orange, and pink leaves; a plant with green and white leaves; and a vine with the same features as the previous one. 405 more words

Batangas Green Thumb

The Caprine Composter

There are dozens of ways to compost. There are barrels that rotate, rocket-shaped bins with handy doors on the bottom for extracting the finished compost, clever bokashi buckets, and worm bins. 162 more words

365 Days Of Food

Peonies and roses: Marriage made in heaven

It’s been quite a long time since peonies were a hot topic of conversation.
Twenty years ago, there was much more interest in them. People used to rave about the beauty of Japanese or anemone peonies like Bowl of Beauty,  the exquisite fragrant pink blooms of ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ and the deep red flowers of ‘Karl Rosenfeld.’ 939 more words


"Farming the Woods" by Ken Mudge and Steve Gabriel

Hey Everyone!

Go to your local library now (or click the image to go to Amazon) and do yourself a favor, BUY THIS BOOK. I’m only into chapter 3 and I can’t put it down. 707 more words


My Garden: a Work in Progress

Like many, I grew up reading the Little House on the Prairie series and it made a real impression on me. I still find it astounding that in our county’s infancy, under the homestead act, you could just go and build a house somewhere and that land became yours. 650 more words

Greening Your Life