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~Korean Feather Grass ~ In A Vase On Monday ~

Every guide to growing Korean Feather Grass  Calamagrostis brachytricha says to plant it in full sun. For whatever reason, my plant is thriving in almost total shade! 48 more words

Pacific Northwest

Last Tiny Cauliflower

It’s 48 degrees here and gray. That’s not cold, except when you’re out in the garden pulling up the residue of wet plants. Then it’s REALLY cold! 49 more words


In a Vase on Monday: Triple Play

After a long siege of minimal moisture in the garden, we had an inch and a half of rain last night. The ground is delightfully soggy now…at least for a few days. 111 more words


In A Vase on Monday - A Day at the Beach.

I usually conjure up my vases on Sunday morning as many things in South Florida can get wilted in the afternoon. This morning I was scratching my head as it didn’t seem to me much was going on in the garden. 217 more words

Treasure Coast Living

A Rose

A rose, by any other name
Would still have thorns and be a pain.

Black spot, chafers, aphids, too,
Spider mites and powdery mildew.

Japanese beetles, leafcutter bees… 85 more words


Last Harvest of the Fall 2016

I had a nice harvest today – the last one of the fall season, since we’re due for hard freezes Wednesday through Saturday next week. We had a nice amount of lettuce, plus my cute little bitty heads of cauliflower. 142 more words


The 52 Lists Project #49

List your favorite books:

I feel like I’ve done this list before, though it’s right on schedule, and the 52 Lists book does not repeat. It is definitely a topic dear to my heart, and one I’ve written about before. 464 more words