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Roses On The Rise - Doris Day - Roses You'll Want To Grow In 2015

Growing up, I remember watching the Doris Day show. It came on right before my favorite show – Gunsmoke! I think my favorite movie featuring Doris Day would be “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, a Hitchcock thriller that had me on the edge of my seat with anticipation of what would happen next. 130 more words


Gardening Made Better and Easier by Gerry Daly at Bloom

One of the big pulling factors to Bloom each year for garden lovers like myself is the fountain of garden knowledge that is simply around every corner that you turn! 554 more words


October Walk Through The Rose Garden

Join me on a brief walk through our central Alabama rose garden.


Friday in the Rose Garden

Ahhh Friday, that final day of the work week and the anticipation of the weekend! After a very hectic week that included at least 10 meetings, a wedding and a funeral; i’m glad to see Friday arrive. 51 more words