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PROOF OF HEAVEN BOOK CLUB.........MARCH 9/2015 update

WOW!  “Seek and ye shall find!” It all started with a book, then another book and DVD all about Proof of Heaven. Then we formed a small group of interested people and loosely called it a book club. 341 more words

Life Lessons

Survivor! Why February Gold is my FAVORITE Daffodil

After sleet, snow, ice and 6 degrees, my February Gold daffodils can still lift their heads.

Amazing–since this winter that won’t end has nearly flattened me– 83 more words

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4 Ways to make my Garden Better in 2015

This is the year I’m going to finally give up on my dream of an English border. I have neither the space, the sun, the climate, or the staff required to pull it off. 216 more words

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Note to Lifeslessons Blog Followers

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for following my blog this year! Feel free to pass on the link to anyone that you think might enjoy it! 84 more words


Rooting Coleus Cuttings

Coleus are great mixers. Who can’t use more. So when my little sister gave me these cuttings last month, I couldn’t wait to root them. 241 more words

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Four Garden Chores for a July Morning

If I can just get up an hour early and get out in the garden at least once a week I’m a happier person.

Benefit # 2 is a happier garden. 206 more words

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Growing Tomatoes in Containers

I’ve always hated tomatoes. The ones we got at the store were dry, tasteless, and full of  “seedy jelly”. When I was a teenager, I decided to try my hand at growing the plants. 763 more words