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Love My Garden

We waited ten years to rework the front yard.

We are done until spring. Just in time to shut off the irrigation system for the winter. 242 more words


Re-focus on the Garden & Studio

In the South, we plant pansies in the fall. It seems counterintuitive to plant such delicate flowers now. They survive minor freezes and frost and are about the only color until Februray. 142 more words


Zigzagging with the Season

I am focusing on the front yard this month.

Nothing like being the one in the neighborhood with a degree in horticulture and the ugliest yard. 260 more words


Gardening in the South Summertime Heat 2015

WOW! It takes fortitude to garden in this heat! 8-10 days over 98 degrees daytime and lower 70’s at night! Heat pumps really strain under these conditions as do our bodies trying to adapt to the heat and humidity! 492 more words


Gardening in the South.......2015

From early spring Tulips to early summer Crinums!

Crinums are “kin” to the Amaryllis bulb family. Amaryllis  bloom in April/May and then Crinums bloom from May on into September. 112 more words


PROOF OF HEAVEN BOOK CLUB.........MARCH 9/2015 update

WOW!  “Seek and ye shall find!” It all started with a book, then another book and DVD all about Proof of Heaven. Then we formed a small group of interested people and loosely called it a book club. 341 more words


Survivor! Why February Gold is my FAVORITE Daffodil

After sleet, snow, ice and 6 degrees, my February Gold daffodils can still lift their heads.

Amazing–since this winter that won’t end has nearly flattened me– 83 more words

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