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Near Winter

The cold has finally settled in. The past couple nights has seen the fountain freeze, but still allowing enough water to flow. The few remaining plants are about to faint, like me. 436 more words


Green bean teepee diy!

During the 2017 growing season, I decided to build my first green bean teepee. I had envisioned my boy enjoying sitting in or hanging out in the teepee. 463 more words

Native Persimmon, an Uncommon Fruit

When thinking of fruit trees, persimmon does not immediately come to mind. We often see the large fruit of Asian or Japanese persimmon, (Diospyros kaki), 443 more words


Organic Farming & Bees

Did you know that if a Queen Bee isn’t doing her job properly, the hive will kill her?

Not so nice now is it…? Bees are really fascinating and there’s a wealth of information out there on them. 513 more words

True Leaves - Who knew?

You all can begin laughing now.  I am.  Sometimes I seriously question my own intelligence and wonder how all those years of schooling didn’t leave me a bit wiser.  599 more words



Working on some raised beds recently and found a lovely crop of horehound. I’m going to see what I can do with it, research project! 51 more words