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Veg head

John and I love cooking with lots of vegetables. Any dish we make – curry, enchiladas, burgers, stirfrys – we add about five different varieties of veggies, whether the recipe calls for it or not. 345 more words


Child's Play

One of the gardening chores I hate the most is adding soil and compost to the beds. After our floods this year, quite a bit of the soil has washed out of the raised beds. 93 more words


Is “Vertical Farming” the Next Big Urban Innovation?

It’s already a thing in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and the Midwest, but will it catch on in America’s cities? Vertical farming, the art of growing crops on the sides of roofs or buildings, or even inside buildings in large cities, is the newest idea in growing local foods for urban dwellers. 369 more words


Mulch Beds

Finally got around to creating mulch beds around the Persimmon tree, Crape Myrtle, and front Gardenias.  Hoping it will significantly improve the health of the Persimmon tree and left Gardenia, as they both appear to be struggling.  140 more words


Close Friends Over Time

My old friend had driven up on his motorcycle and I really wanted to apologize to him. For almost four years I had barely seen him, besides trading emails about which set of snow tires to buy, and some political impertinences. 405 more words


Cucumbers and Zucchini

Cucumbers are technically a type of fruit but because they are more savory than sweet they tend to be referred to as vegetables.  They are definitely the most popular ‘vegetable’ around here – almost all the past/present children love them.  384 more words

Family Childcare

Connections: August 30

Fading and crowded

mushed from hot rain

harvest is mildewed

people the same

it sure isn’t summer

nor autumn by right

what is this season… 16 more words