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Flowers Blooming in Our Garden in June and July - Part 1.

I have already showed you our roses blooming in June and July of this year. If you didn’t see them, you can check out part 1… 1,183 more words


When your fiddlehead unfurls.

Isn’t this beautiful? This is brand new life unfurling from my Australian Tree Fern. I found it this morning, and I have to admit – it excites me. 333 more words

Jesus Journey


The heat has lifted, for the time being. This is a relief, especially considering the gallons of sweat that I shed over the weekend trying to avoid turning on the air conditioning (I was cleaning house- I was going to sweat whether it was on or off, so I might as well save the electricity.) In its place, a thick, grey haze of humidity has settled over the city making everything clammy and sticky with moisture. 218 more words

Life In California

Life of an Amorphophallus

First of all, really sorry bout the long disappearance. I was really busy moving from another place to several hundred miles away. So packing my plants and taking them along with me was both a physical and emotional draining one.. 74 more words


Just one degree of separation

“What are you doing?”

The older girl gasped, looking over at her. Her gloves were covered in mud and the bed in front of her had been prepared in some sort of order that the younger girl assumed was good. 159 more words



Patience.  It’s a virtue.  It’s just not one of my better traits.

I planted three bare root, thornless blackberry bushes on the outside of my garden years ago.  1,352 more words