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Today i feel like a wreck.. 4 days and still no more than 5hrs sleep. My body is screaming in protest for sleep and i so want to give in but my mind is running non stop. 99 more words

Grateful Challenge

Save the World, Buy a Pumpkin

Note: The pumpkins are back! Recycling this column and encouraging everyone to buy a pumpkin at the church on the corner of Quaker & Seminary in Alexandria. 325 more words


Yum, yum sweet potatoes!

This was the first year that I grew sweet potatoes. I did lots of research and bought the plants from a local greenhouse. I planted them in early June with hopes that it would be enough time to harvest them before the fall frost! 195 more words


The Imperial War Museum keep Fennel & Fern warm this winter

Fennel & Fern have been busy in the garden with their allotment-themed stacking mugs from the Imperial War Museum Shop. They love the vibrant vegetable print so much that they store them outside the cupboards! Anyone for a cuppa?

Neat PR Press Coverage

Scarifying the lawn

Recently, we scarified the front lawn.  This is a weird job, it’s the sort of thing that you think “Oh yeah, it’ll take me perhaps a couple of hours ABSOLUTE MAX” because, after all, it is just you pushing the lawnmower-like scarifying machine round the garden, collecting all the moss and stuff and putting it in a pile. 266 more words

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