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The Gardening Experiment for the Year

So many of the posts recently have been all about chickens, but my first adventures into homesteading were actually gardening.  There is just something wonderful about being able to go out to your backyard and pick your own food.  527 more words

All the trees came today!

Yay! Now I have to dig like 4 BILLION holes! Wooh! Not.

Anyway, all 12 of my fruit trees, 8 lilacs, 2 red maples and  4 forsythia showed up today. 383 more words


Photo of the Day #16

Allow me to introduce you to the green bean row. Like the cabbages, zucchini, and cucumber, this row also scares me a little. It’s nearly twice the size of last years rows — and last years rows overwelmed me. 58 more words


You Live, You Learn

I just burnt the living hell out of my face with boiling water. Wait, how does that happen?!

Last night we noticed one of our peppers had a little nibble out of it, so I decided to whip up some insecticide – all natural, of course! 431 more words

Container Garden

The Progression Of The Tomato Seed

Do you remember this stringy mess from a few weeks ago.  It was the first time that I started tomatoes from seed.  I was really not very hopeful when I looked at the long tangled stems that emerged from the starter tray, but I carefully removed the strongest seedlings and placed them into 4″ pots and continued to water and care for them throughout the cool  days of April and May.   177 more words

The Garden Gate

Composting Basics For The Absolute Beginner

Compost works wonders on garden soil. You can buy a large quantity from shops but it’s always better to make your own. After all, it’s free, it’s easy, and it allows you to turn waste into something useful. 352 more words


Round two

After racking the honeysuckle wine, we made another kind of wine — apple ginger. We got some apple juice in 3-quart glass bottles from the store because it’s cheaper to buy the bottles filled with 100% organic juice than to buy empty bottles. 234 more words