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Kale Chips

Anyone interested in wholesome, healthy food will have heard about and/or tried kale chips.

It was my abundant crop of kale in the garden that made me want to try some “hippie food” as Farmer Hick calls the chips. 336 more words

Natural Living

New Release: Grape Vineyard

The Grape Vineyard is part of our Miscellaneous Resources.  This booklet will explain what the plant is, its history, medicinal uses, how to grow it, activities , and more.


Character Training

Rant: Why don't stores ever mark down large plastic planters?

I need two durable 15 – 20 gallon plastic planters because my current 12 gallon ones are too small and are cheap and becoming brittle. Why are they the only outdoor items that are never marked down with the rest of the seasonal items? 35 more words


September miso

Mixed and ready for fermentation.

Sometimes there’s a small amount that doesn’t fit and is put into a smaller jar. This time I added some garlic, ginger and fresh cayanne pepper, just to see/taste how it turns out. 19 more words


Food Security and Personal Freedom

Why do I even care about providing local food for myself, my family and my friends? I am continually asking myself this question, and I am continually coming up with more and better answers. 537 more words

Local Food

Signs of Autumn.

Walking around Our Garden@19 the other evening there were some notable signs of autumn, not least in the temperture.

Some of the plants are starting to develop their seasonal colours. 202 more words