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Container Gardening

Anyone can do container gardening – on a table, in a window, on a deck or porch or in a garden setting.

From the smallest, maybe a pot of two of herbs in a window, to a garden that is 25 x 40’….if you want to have some fresh plants, herbs or flowers, I am telling you it’s possible. 588 more words


The end of a great year.

Just a little flashback. I don’t know where all my garden pics went from last year but I do have some from fall; here are few. 56 more words


Apartment Gardens

Recently my flatmate read an article about growing vegetables from the remnants of store bought vegetables and thought she would give it a go. Now we don’t have a very big garden so the window sill in the kitchen seemed like a good place to try it out. 66 more words

3 Things to do to Prepare for Spring Planting!

Hello everybody! In my last post, which you can find on my page, I talked about the best soil amendments you can use in your garden to improve soil structure. 590 more words


A Dash of Biodynamics

What does the world need?

A deep question.

Food has always been in my blood. I come from a background of food – my parents both active in the local food industry, I’m a consultant with a popular Canadian spice company, I really enjoy creating food, gardening….the list goes on and on. 240 more words

Gardening Galore

Ginny: The biggest problem I’ve found with living like this, is that I get so caught up with my gardening and fishing that I forget to eat before going to sleep, and wake up starving! 1,138 more words


A Little Something Different - Gardening Trends

Good times beget bad times, and vice versa.  Rather than get caught up in the noise, over the last few years, I have taken up gardening, and it’s grown into a passion.   994 more words

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