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Saving Tomato Seeds

Step-by-step instructions for saving tomato seeds.

By ROL Staff

While there are a few extra steps when it comes to saving seeds from a tomato, it’s still rather easy. 514 more words


Double trouble

A twisted take on a pint and a plant.

Coming to you live from somewhere in the northern hemisphere whilst sitting in front of a halogen heater. 34 more words



We’ve been composting for around two years now. The only time I haven’t was the week after we moved where we were without a composter in the garden. 483 more words



Nothing like everything freezing over the day after a bit of snow. I was a total shut-in because of the icy sidewalks (good grief I am dying dying DYING to sit down at the table rather than eat standing up, ugh!!),  sending my husband out morning to shoot these on my behalf as this is my favorite part of icy mornings, and cuddling on the sofa with Ruby-doo. 301 more words


The Dangers Of Harmful Pesticides

Harmful Pesticides Humans Are Digesting When Shopping For Vegetables and Fruits In Supermarkets

If you strive to stay in good health, then you have likely heard that non-organic vegetables and fruits are covered in unhealthy pesticides, but you may not know what the specific pesticides are and how they affect your body. 835 more words

Cedar Trees

Back Yard Hydroponics To Cut Down Food Expense

A hydroponic garden can be a great way to cut down on food expenses. It may not be as expensive as you think to get a backyard hydroponic garden going, and the garden can produce healthy and robust organic produce year-round. 728 more words