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Broom Corn is ready!

We cut down the Broom Corn for a treat for the birds this winter.

We just stick it on a nail in the fence and they go crazy! They love it!



Evening Post, October 23, 2016

Here is the second installment in the historical romance-in-progress.  The first was posted yesterday.

William Miller not only knew his times.  He knew his own heart and mind and he knew that there would never be another like this princess and he stayed in Austria, learning the language and customs and attending concerts and balls with the nobility while his business in the new world continued to grow and prosper. 300 more words


A plant buried with the dead

I was recently trying to find an herb that could be grown indoors in a pot with my dogs’ water bowl in it. I have a boxer and a terrier so it was important that not only did I come up with something to cut back on the amount of water on my floor from my boxer Baran’s exuberant style of drinking, but also try to make it a useful pot that Baran could simply water with his mess. 261 more words


How to Make a Huge Batch of Grape Jelly

Step 1: grow grapes and spend time nurturing, supporting and trimming the vines for maximum production\
Step 2: go back in time 3 days to a simpler time when birds did not know that the grapes were a food source… 86 more words


Still No Killing Frost

It has been an unusually warm autumn. Here it is towards the end of October and we still have not had a night when the temperature dropped to or below freezing. 866 more words


Autumn's melody, played at its own tempo

I took this photo of a sycamore colouring up into rainbow hues a little over two weeks ago. I was impressed because we’ve not had frosts and I have it in my head that we get better autumn reds and purples once that has happened and the chlorophyll is killed off. 483 more words