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Ahhh spring is coming! I can smell it in the air! I’ve already started weeding and pulling out the last of my cilantro, lettuce, carrots, onions and garlic. 181 more words


Temporary Insanity

Last week the weather forecasters in our neck of the woods predicted that we would be getting T-E-N inches of snow.  Ten inches of snow in this part of North Carolina has lower odds than a $10,000 scratch-off lottery ticket. 391 more words


Most of the Dendrobiums are pendulous with sagging bunches that hang down loosely. Dendobiums often have leaves all along the canes that most often drop with onset of cooler, drier weather. 137 more words


Alive and Running March 4 2015

                                     Photo from the Guardian website : Sipa USA/Rex

This is my kind of beard (or is it a value added mustache?). In fact I’m Day 2 into my copycat attempt. 360 more words

Hemp and the Decontamination of Radioactive Soil

Posted December 25th 2013

Hemp science is now advancing in leaps and bounds compared to the stagnation of the previous few decades. One significant area of research that is currently receiving particular attention is phytoremediation, or decontamination of soil—although the discovery that hemp leaches contaminants from soil has been known for some time. 894 more words

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The philosophy behind composting - what should I compost?

I made a compost pit less than two weeks ago. It was a big win for me. I started adding everything I could – food scraps, paper, cardboard, everything that I felt could be decomposed. 789 more words