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Gardening & grading: a meandering

An indirect benefit of being a teacher is the summer. The two and a half months beckon you. Sleeping late. Trips to places far and near, otherwise neglected. 385 more words

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The Last Scraps Of Kale

There is a beast on my allotment.  Something that’s nibbling at the few plants we have in the ground.  This is what it’s done to our wonderful kale which is all but gone. 364 more words


Light Gardening

The first things a good garden boxes need is light and heat.. So we did 4 hours of analysis and decided that the snow was not helping things and shovelled off the beds. 44 more words


Autumn finally brings some rain

Hi guys..Autumn has finally given us some rain..not a lot but it’s better than none….and the temps have dropped so the fire is blazing and the pups and kitties are taking full advantage of any warm spot! 619 more words


Air Plants

By Nara Schoenberg

Love plants but hate dirt?

There’s a whimsical burst of greenery that has your name on it.

A native of rain forests, deserts and swamps, the air plant – officially Tillandsia (tuh-LAND-zee-uh) – doesn’t need soil. 679 more words



“No one has ever been deeply changed by an act of the will.
The only thing that can re-forge and change a life at its root,
is love.”
― Timothy Keller


Blueberry and Strawberry Blossoms

Here they come again! By May we should be enjoying fresh strawberries and blueberries.  Blueberries are my favorite berry but I really love all berries, including the tart gooseberry.  209 more words