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Plant Of The Week #6: Dioscorea polystachya

This week I would like to share with you a hardy, perennial vine that I learned about earlier last year and at some point (hopefully sooner rather than later) would like to add to my living collection of useful and beautiful plants. 1,252 more words


Amy's Farm

Once upon a time, I actually blogged about the happenings of our days the same night or within a day or two of an event… Somehow, life has gotten busier and sometimes I never get around to blogging our days.   109 more words


Day 147

Week 22 Weight: 199.6 pounds

Week 22 Goal: My goal this week is to “clean eat” and exercise EVERY day.


I have got to get myself together. 404 more words

Daily Progress


Purple, since ancient times, has been the color associated with royalty because only the very wealthy and influential could afford purple cloth.  The process of making the dye was difficult, long, and costly.   99 more words


Plantin' time!

I have a crop!

Or at least the startings of a crop. And I have a garden spot prepared in which to transplant it. If it would ever quit raining and dry out enough for me to get out there in it. 605 more words


Mower Parts

Remember that every 1,000 square meters of lawn you mow means a walk of two to three kilometres. This means that self-propelled mowers become attractive options. 238 more words


New cold frame

Me and my sweetie went a little crazy ordering seeds a couple of weeks ago. When we combined households last year our seed collections expanded dramatically! 245 more words