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Why Gardening?

As you join Take Action, you will begin to learn or will continue your learning about the many ways we can help improve the Earth and why environmentalism is so important. 267 more words


Essay - Trop de plantes

Ma lumière croissante fonctionne si bien que je suis submergé par des semis. J’ai sauvé les graines d’un magasin a acheté du poivron orange et j’ai mis les graines dans deux lits de départ de plantes à 72 cellules. 399 more words


Plant Companions

When choosing which plants you want to grow in the garden, you may also want to consider what plants  grow well together. Plants that grow well together are called “companion plants”. 208 more words

Roast Table King Squash, Sweet Potato and Pecans

You can use as much rosemary as you like.

I really dislike when recipes call for very specific ingredients, now, setting that aside get your freshly harvested, recently cured table king squash and….I’m joking of course, any firm mild tasting squash will do here. 450 more words

Gluten Free

Icebox Watermelon - Heirloom Sugar baby melons

When we put in the vegetable garden this year, we also made an east facing bed for a flower garden. This garden is about 16 feet wide by 9 feet deep. 372 more words

Captured Moments


Having healthy soil is crucial for successfully growing plants. Using sustainable and smart practices to make the soil nutrient rich and to give it a desired texture are crucial in ensuring the soil will stay healthy (not be overtilled, have an overly acidic or alkaline composition, etc.) for a long time. 488 more words