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We long for lush, neatly-edged lawns, perfectly placed shrubs, lovely flower beds.  We want a place that evokes eternity.  Easter.  Eden.  Sanctuary.  A GARDEN.

But every time I pull a weed or move a stone, something wriggles. 725 more words


Prairie Gardener Part I: The Garden Centre and Starting From Seed

Hello again, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m sorry. I struggle with self-discipline as you can tell by the erratic nature of this blog. Between the short attention span, lack of discipline and notoriously bad time management skills, I often struggle to follow through on projects. 558 more words


In My Garden, May 2017

I shared these on my Instagram feed I, tounge-in-cheek call Bikurgram, and thought you may be interested too!

How does Your Garden Grow?


Let us Ramble: Tomato Border

Today was a busy day around the parsonage. Next Monday is Memorial Day and the town’s parade route runs right in front of the church and the parsonage. 573 more words

Weekday Rambles

Kinds of Dried Beans #2

This is the second post on the kinds of dried beans and the third overall on this subject.


  • Black-Eyed Peas & Yellow-Eyed Peas – Called peas in the South, both of these are actually beans.
  • 423 more words

Find your thrill

My mother loves them.The Kid likes them about as much as Anna Wintour loves polyester sweat pants, and Ted Nugent loves gun control.

Me?  I take after my mom; I love blueberries. 670 more words