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1 July

2015:  (Written 2nd July 2015)

Looking back on yesterday I feel really satisfied with what I got done.  All the long grass has been cleared from my half plot (Lottie) which means I can now start dealing with the mare’s tails on the full plot (Ailsa).   111 more words

And just like that

I grew a strawberry. Here it is in all its tiny home-grown strawberry glory.

It was so cute I almost couldn’t eat it. Almost couldn’t. I’ve never tasted such sugary, ultra-concentrated strawberry flavor before! 64 more words

The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Green in Your Home with Urban Gardening

There are things we all long for. Country folks want better facilities and infrastructure while on the other hand urban residents long for wide spaces, lush gardens and beautiful cool places to spend time during summers. 224 more words



We’ve got eight strawberry plants divided between four hanging baskets and we’re now starting to get the odd fruit from them. Not enough to do much with yet, but great for picking one while I’m passing and popping it straight into my mouth.


Food And Drink

Could You? Would You? Eat Your Weeds?

July 2, 2015

A great quote by Dr. Seuss:

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.  224 more words

Country Living


Thunder storms, rain and heat. So I’ve been told. The garden is waist high, so I believe.

The weeds and lawn have missed me, that’s for sure. 239 more words