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Winter is Here

The build up of winter storm Grayson froze us good. After four nights of subfreezing all-night temperatures, all the plants are dead, dying, or hybernating. It got down to 25 here. 164 more words


Brrrr! Baby, It's Cold Outside...

I am always incredulous when it frosts or freezes here in Florida. It just doesn’t seem like it’s possible, but it often happens here in Central Florida. 157 more words


The Lemon Harvest Has Begun...

The lemons are ready! Now comes the incessant juicing and freezing of this liquid gold. Now begins the drooling over lemon meringue pie. Now begins the obsession over lemon bars and cookies. 57 more words


Everybody Has to Eat

Sad story. I’ve been out finishing up the mowing of the pastures. We need to force a little more green and even out the hillocks, which can help reduce the pressure the livestock put on the over-grazed portions of pasture. 110 more words


Don't Worry About the Lemons!

If you were worried about the lemons, then let me put you at ease. I was worried Hurricane Irma would blow all the green citrus right off the trees, but here at least, it didn’t. 88 more words


Wild Tomatoes

So, it’s getting to be the height of summer now. They say you can’t grow tomatoes down here in Central Florida in the summer. Apparently the wild tomatoes didn’t get that memo. 272 more words


Wild Blackberries

So, it’s been very dry here this spring. NWS says we are in a severe drought now. I’ll say! It’s mighty crispy here, and we have a wildfire burning a few miles to our east in the Richloam as I write this. 172 more words