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Wild Tomatoes

So, it’s getting to be the height of summer now. They say you can’t grow tomatoes down here in Central Florida in the summer. Apparently the wild tomatoes didn’t get that memo. 272 more words


Wild Blackberries

So, it’s been very dry here this spring. NWS says we are in a severe drought now. I’ll say! It’s mighty crispy here, and we have a wildfire burning a few miles to our east in the Richloam as I write this. 172 more words


Bok Choy + Eggs = Egg Foo Yung

It will freeze here tonight at Sandhill Flats. Apparently the wind chill could be as cold as 19°F. NWS admitted it, even though they are forecasting the low as only 34°F. 155 more words


First Frost - It's That Time, Already

Well, we received our first frost already. Actually, we had a frost on Monday AND Tuesday morning. A double whammy. I guess I gambled wrong. National Weather Service (NWS) has been saying we are more than likely going to have a warm, dry “winter” this year. 349 more words

Sheep Management

Fall Kitchen Garden

It’s that time of the year again, albeit a little late!  (Better late than never.)  Besides, it only just finally cooled off.  We had been breaking high temperature records here just like everyone else this fall.   266 more words


Halloween Planter Ideas

One trip to the dollar store and it’s very easy to add scary to your indoor and outdoor gardening. So, yes, I keep a box of plastic Halloween body parts in the basement. 57 more words


I hope Boneka Susan would want to become a farmer too

Dear Son,

Let me tell you a little bit about my childhood in the 90s. There was this adorably creepy doll called Susan who, together with her ventriloquist Kak Ria Enes, sang a song about her dream. 465 more words

Awkward Mother