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Planting Asparagus

Asparagus spears peeking through the earth are one of the first signs that spring is here! A farm favorite, and an early perennial, it is the gift that keeps on giving. 441 more words


farmDREAM - Winter Hibernation Update

It was only a week after completion of my first season as a farm apprentice that I needed to get back in the dirt. Worn and tired, we were all looking forward to a short reprieve, but a girl can only organize so many closets. 362 more words


Growing Things: Plants and Plots and Such

Last month crashed by at high speed, spurred on by thunderstorms and a heat wave. I began squeezing those new projects and ventures in around a still busy work-schedule, and left myself with little time to breathe for a bit there. 616 more words


Scenic Detour

So, in case you hadn’t heard, The Port of The Dalles is building a new business park at our location. Construction began a couple of months ago and yesterday they dynamited our entrance in order to put in new water & sewer lines. 150 more words

Site Development

Add a little art to your garden with this easy project - Plant Markers

“Stop to smell the roses”, or in my case take some time to enjoy the farmDREAM and find a healthy balance between work and play.¬† 164 more words