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Photographing Flowers With an iPhone

This summer I was obsessed with taking pictures of flowers! Wherever I was I found myself constantly whipping out my phone to capture they’re beauty… 181 more words


Traveling to Niagara Falls

Hi everyone! This weekend I went to Niagara Falls Canada. This was my fourth time visiting the place. Having done it a few times now I’ve learned what to expect and avoid. 621 more words


Attracting Butterflies to your backyard

Butterflies feed primarily on the nectar from flowers. Some butterflies also get their nourishment from pollen, tree sap, rotting fruit, dung, decaying flesh, and dissolved minerals in wet sand or dirt. 194 more words


Horticultural Show tomorrow

Click on the image above to download the schedule as a pdf

Paper copies of this schedule are also available at the Sycamore and the Legion


Garden Harvest

Since I still can’t remember how to put a proper link in another Blogger’s comment section, I messed up an attempt at showing a blogging friend of mine the results of my efforts at growing a single garden plant in my seventh storey, east-facing apartment window this year. 1,112 more words

David Brian Paley

The hedgehog gets it

I was going to write a serious post about getting my manuscript to the publishers and reinstating my vanished website, but I have spent this evening rushing to the glass back door to shine a torch on the hedgehogs just outside. 220 more words