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Explore these secret museums in Singapore

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A dinosaur fossil, a sperm whale skeleton, the only specimen of the largest species of turtle ever recorded, and an Asian Brown Flycatcher specimen collected by the famed British naturalist Alfred Wallace himself – these are just some of the highlights you’ll see at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.  79 more words


June 23 - Day 43

Evening walk through Clarke University Campus.

Mileage: 1.5
Time: 35 minutes
Temperature: 72° F.

We walk by our neighbor’s prairie

garden when we head to  the university.  7 more words


Jardin Botanique Montreal – Indoor Gardens

The botanic garden also has a fantastic conservatory, which just kept going, and going, and going.   There was an orchid room, and a fern room, and a begonia room, and a Spanish hacienda garden, and a bonsai room.     24 more words


Ants farming aphids

Yes, you read that title correctly! Tonight I discovered something incredible in the garden: ants farming aphids. It was a chance discovery, while deadheading the oxeye daisies. 231 more words


Who thrives at 93° F? Sweet peas.

Effieland’s Sweet Peas respond well to heat and watering, and we respond to their delicate beauty with joy.


Chippenham, Cardiff and Cricket.

Debbie and I left yesterday and travelled to Chippenham. A detour to the Swindon retail outfit resulted in English pounds being spent and a easy ride to our hotel for the evening. 288 more words


30 Days Wild - Day 23 - Festival Season!

It’s Day 23 of 30 Days Wild – can’t believe there is just one week to go now! I was working today, so plan A was to stop off at a nature reserve on the way home. 334 more words