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Food as Medicine: West Indian Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus, Poaceae)

West Indian lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus, Poaceae) is an aromatic tropical perennial with long, slender, light green leaves that grow in groups with bulbous and fibrous stems at the base of the plant.1-3The grass can grow from two to six feet tall, and its leaves are approximately one inch wide with slightly toothed, saw-like margins.2 West Indian lemongrass likely originated from India, Malaysia, or Sri Lanka.1,2,4,5 It is now cultivated in tropical and subtropical countries.4 The largest exporter of lemongrass leaves and stalks is Guatemala,5 while India is the largest producer of lemongrass essential oil, 80% of which is exported annually.6Lemongrass grows well in warm and humid areas with plenty of sunshine and moisture.4 The leaves and fleshy part of the stem are used for flavoring teas and broths in many Asian cuisines, and its essential oil is used in cosmetics and food preservation.1-3… 2,590 more words


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'Herban Escapes' at the US National Arboretum

The Artist (as I’ll lovingly refer to my boyfriend in this blog), being a full-time artist, and me, being a middle-income DC resident (read: we’re poor), are always in the search of affordable ‘date’ activities in DC, so we decided to have a picnic and visit the United States National Arboretum. 674 more words


Purple and White Orchid, 3 Takes, 8-20-18


Photo Edit 1

Photo Edit 2 (Sepia)

The focus on the original was a little messy, so I blurred it in a photo edit- then decided to convert it to sepia monochrome. 25 more words


August, tomato capers, and a good book

Do we still call these the dog days of summer? It’s hot and dry. Our lawn looks a little crisp. My geraniums are big and blooming, but the day-lilies have more spent blooms than buds and the coneflowers seem “bleached.” There is a back-to-school buzz in the air. 907 more words