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Moving Pictures that Move Me (Part One of ?)

I care about complete artistic statements in pop culture – the album, the film, the run on a comic book series by a single creative team, or the complete television series. 159 more words

The Movie That Will Remind You Why Old School Action Sequences Are Still Awesome

The Raid 2 is a throwback to an era when a movie could be built around the incredible physical skills of its performers. View this image ‘ Julie Estelle in The Raid 2. 23 more words


The Raid 2 (Indonesia, 2014)

Directed by: Gareth Evans. Normally, I wouldn’t dream of seeing a sequel when I hadn’t seen the original, but this one had a big rep, and the library didn’t have the first one on the day I came. 435 more words

Headshot (2017)

Iko Uwais returns in this Raid-esque martial arts blast.

Indonesian martial arts actor and The Raid star Iko Uwais makes an explosive return to the big-screen with… 809 more words


Opinion: "The Raid" (2011)

The Raid is a simple story about a SWAT team that has been sent out to take down the infamous criminal Toma, who’s the owner of an apartment building filled with thugs. 774 more words


May 24, 1994 - Labor Foreign Affairs Minister on the UNFCCC

I’m as happy to bash the Howard government (1996-2007) for its egregious record of environmental vandalism as the next guy.  But let’s not pretend, please, that the Labor governments before and after them were wonderful.   1,029 more words

Carbon Tax Battle 94/95

Review: The Raid (2011)

THE RAID, or: the Fine Art of Ultraviolence, as it really should be subtitled (subtitled REDEMPTION in the USA, which is sort-of a spoiler) was the finest martial arts film for a decade when it was rolled out over 2011-12 around the world. 559 more words