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Seattle Cinema Survey - Favorite Director Under 40

Welcome to the first edition, hopefully of many, of the Seattle Cinema Survey. Each week, I will ask this area’s critics, bloggers and film fanatics a different question about the world of movies. 1,245 more words

Gaung Sunyi Prestasi Pencak Silat

Dikutip dari metrotvnews.com.

Pencak silat mulai dilirik dan diminati di berbagai negara. Setelah diperkenalkan sebagai bagian program pertunjukan di Asian Games di Busan, Korea Selatan pada 2002 lalu, tampaknya pencak silat menjadi barang baru yang mulai diburu. 2,594 more words

Pencak Silat

Silat pun Perlu Inovasi

Dikutip dari metrotvnews.com.

Kemampuan industri film Hong Kong melejitkan nama Bruce Lee, turut mengokohkan Kung Fu di dunia sebagai satu beladiri pilihan. Judo dan Karate yang digunakan sebagai sebuah beladiri perang dari Jepang, ikut mewabah di dunia karena banyak dipromosikan lewat budaya pop Negeri Matahari Terbit. 2,633 more words

Kabar Pencak

The Raid director Gareth Evans shoots new samurai film in South Wales

He’s the Valleys martial arts fan who moved to Indonesia to make two kick-ass action movies that were knock-outs at the box office both here and in Hollywood . 170 more words


'The Raid 2' by Gareth Evans

Absolutely stunning cinematography, ultra-violent and some of the best martial arts I’ve ever seen.

For me, it’s comparable to Ichi the Killer, Infernal Affairs and A Bittersweet Life for it’s vivid and visceral mob-based violence, amid classic tongue-in-cheek B-movie martial arts movie elements (You’ll love the two henchmen!) 79 more words

Pre Vis Action

by Nicholas Lay (@laidbaremedia)

From the minute I saw the debut trailer for The Raid back in 2011, I knew Welsh director Gareth Evans was on to something. 594 more words


The Raid: Redemption (2011)

Quick Review!

Director: Gareth Evans

This absolute romp of a movie is non stop brutal fun from start to finish. Set in Jakarta, Indonesia, a squad of special forces set out to clear a criminally run tower block. 297 more words