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Green leadership contenders

There’s been no more nominations for the male co-leader position vacated by Russel Norman so there will four contenders:


FrackNation exposes the truth Gareth Hughes, Joshua Fox and other frauds don't want you to know

Gareth Hughes is currently running for leader of the Green Party. You can get a glimpse of him in this excellent video detailing the truth about fracking that Hughes and other chronic liars do not want you to hear. 75 more words


Green leadership contenders on spying

The Nation had a panel discussion with the four Green male co-leader contenders (note that there could, nominations don’t close for another month).

They were asked about the GCSB and spying. 862 more words


Green financial n...n...nou...nous...nah

The four Greens who have put themselves forward to replace Russel Norman as co-leader have a bit of homework to do if they want to get up to speed financially. 172 more words


The XY Factor

The Green Party are seeking a new male co-leader. As a recent immigrant to the country, I am fascinated by the structure which requires one male and one female to be in positions of influence throughout the party. 548 more words

NZ Politics

Fourth candidate may be lining up for Green leadership

Stuff reports that there may be a fourth contender to replace Russel Norman as male Green co-leader. They say that it’s likley that rookie MP James Shaw is set to announce he’s putting himself forward after earlier saying it would be very unlikely due to his inexperience as a new term MP. 177 more words


Better Green storytelling not sudden transformation

PartiesĀ canĀ persuade voters two ways. People will vote for you if you sell them a compelling, vivid picture of a finer world and persuade them their vote will help make it happen. 2,980 more words