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It's that bloke from the New Avengers! In a play.

Yes, back in 1979 at the Garrick Theatre you could have seen Mike Gambit aka the late Gareth Hunt in Ira Levins Deathtrap.  Two quid for the cheap seats.  Bargain.  Flyer on Ebay.


98. The Posse Volunteer and his Mini Horse

This week, we discuss the Wimbledon dress code, Gareth Hunt’s maintenance arrangements, horses, dangerous inflatable sharks and the funniest car crash ever.


Patrick MacNee: An Appreciation


It’s one of my earliest memories from childhood; sitting with my parents in the little living room of whichever RAF home we were in then, waiting for our favourite programme to start. 698 more words



THE MAN FROM S.E.X. (1979) – Category: Fun-bad but not classically bad enough for my highest rating.

Bind … Charles Bind. In the cinematic world of cheapjack James Bond ripoffs the three films that featured Lindsay Shonteff’s secret agent Charles Bind aka “Number One” are possibly THE worst. 1,235 more words

Bad And Weird Movies

An Epic Retro Toy Review

Over Easter weekend I found myself chatting away to a family friend about toys from his childhood and how the toy industry has changed since he was a child. 676 more words


Tuesday Is Theme Tunes Day - The New Avengers

This week’s theme tune is a British 1970s classic.

I’m too young to remember John Steed ‘s original 60s outings in The Avengers. But I do remember being transfixed as a nipper by… 172 more words

Classic TV

Gareth Hunt

It was really bizarre to hear that Gareth Hunt had died this week. When I was younger I always used to watch a lot of the ancient repeats they used to show on BBC2. 143 more words