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"They're Not Making the Case" | Gareth Morgan

This post from Maryland caught my attention this morning. It is a report on a council who are wanting to increase the property tax in their area to fund education improvements. 77 more words

UBI and UDHR25.1

Let’s work together people, this is an individuals initiative, and does not necessarily reflect the view of the Internet Party executive. I would appreciate your feedback on UBI. 308 more words

Bamzooki - Creators Not Consumers | Gareth Morgan

I spent some time over the weekend playing around with one of my favourite pieces of software – Bamzooki. Originally created for the CBBC TV programme of the same name, the Bamzooki software allows a user to create ‘Zooks’. 70 more words

Gareth Morgan is exhibiting narcissism

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington

08 February, 2015

Dear Editor:

Gareth Morgan has been involved with several environmental projects in recent years and that is good and he should be proud of that.  120 more words


Voices from Waitangi

Gareth Morgan wasn’t the only New Zealander at Waitangi this week with strong feelings about the Treaty. David Fisher talked to several key Maori and Pakeha figures about the way ahead. 625 more words

The Treaty Of Waitangi

Morgan and Brash both missing the point

Both Gareth Morgan and Don Brash are missing the point about what will build national unity in New Zealand. Both look to the Treaty in different ways. 264 more words

Ewen McQueen

Morgan versus Brash on Orewa

The expert on bike riding, cats and the Treaty of Waitangi is now taking on Don Brash at Orewa.

Gareth Morgan targets ‘Brash-think’ in Orewa speech…

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