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Our glorious apologist Mr. Gareth explains clearly position of Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

Gareth Morgan continues to be an apologist for a short, fat crazy leader of North Korea. One thing about North Korea (DPRK) – and for that matter South Korea (ROK) – is that hyperbole is stock-in-trade in political speak.

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Shy and retiring

Let’s talk about tax.

Or more particularly let’s talk about how retirement villages don’t pay much tax.

Your correspondent has just returned from Auckland having: topped up her CPD hours; seen old friends and talked with tax peeps. 1,544 more words

Technical Stuff

Fairly efficient or efficiently fair?

Let’s talk about tax.

Or more particularly let’s talk about the fairness v efficiency tension in tax policy.

You correspondent is now about two thirds through her gap year. 1,240 more words

Cross Border Taxation

Gareth Morgan has finally figured out why politicians only talk to voters if they absolutely have to

Gareth Morgan has been spending a lot of time over the last few months trying to take on the Twitterati, the media, and political tragics at his meetings.

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Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan Get off Twitter!!

When Gareth Morgan launched his political party The Opportunities Party he compared himself to US President Donald Trump due to his anti-establishment policies.

Now it appears the two men have another thing in common being bafflingly angry on Twitter. 275 more words

TOP hits the "bottom feeders & bleeders"

Gareth Morgan is often very active on Twitter. I usually ignore most of what he tweets. I was aware of him having a slanging match last night with various people but had better things to do (I watched the Warriors play much better and win) , but Toby Manhire took the time to collate a tirade. 220 more words


Why North Korea should be ostracised

The obituary of Major David Sharp clearly sets out why North Korea is a pariah state.

Furthermore it highlights why we should not tolerate appeasers and enablers such as Gareth Morgan, Nicky Hager et al.