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2016- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

2016 was a big year. Globally politics was ruptured by stunning and surprising political turning points. England voted to leave the European Union, shattering the decades old political and economic status-quo there. 858 more words

A good start is half the battle: Gareth Morgan's playwriting tips in full

Article by Gareth Morgan

“A good start is half the battle”, goes the old saying. Converting a blank word document into something which has an opening line written on it is much the same. 1,115 more words

Starting A Career In Theatre

Gareth responds 

I wouldn’t normally create an entire post for a commentator. But hey it is my blog and not everyone is dedicating themselves to overhauling our country in a socially progressive way. 58 more words

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'But if, baby, I'm the bottom you're the top'

Let’s talk about tax.

Or more particularly let’s talk about the recently announced tax policy of The Oppportunities Party – TOP. They are proposing to impose a tax on a deemed or imputed return on capital to the extent tax of that level is not paid already. 1,269 more words

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TOP tax policy

Gareth Morgan has unveiled The Opportunities Party (TOP) tax policy.

Morgan obviously wants to present himself and his party as serious and competent on major policies but a new small party is extremely unlikely to succeed in introducing major tax reform. 843 more words


The Beginning of the End? | Gareth Morgan

Every week I receive the ‘Welsh Government pre-11 Dysg Newsletter’ via email. In Issue 156 (9th November) my eye was drawn to the ‘Hwb Classes Guide’ link ( 87 more words

Opportunities for Who? Gareth Morgan's New Political Party

Last week, eccentric investor Gareth Morgan announced a new political party. Morgan- famous for offering money for kiwis to kill feral cats, has called his new project The Opportunities Party (TOP). 672 more words