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Erosion of Pupils Digital Skills | Gareth Morgan

It was with interest that I read these articles over the last couple of days:
BBC website: “Tablets Eroding Pupil’s Digital Skills”The Register: Kids’ Tech Skills Go Backwards Thanks To Tablets And Smartmobes”The Conversation: ICT Is Failing In Schools – Here’s WhyAustralian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority – ICT Literacy Report Shows A Decline In ICT LiteracyNational Assessment Program ICT Literacy – Yrs 6 & 10 Report 2014… 30 more words

Restoring The Balance | Gareth Morgan

In my last post I talked about the balance between coding and digital literacy, and how it was refreshing to read a report from the ECDL saying that perhaps there has recently been too much of a focus on coding at the expense of digital skills.   65 more words

Are antifragile organisations possible?

Antifragility is an idea by Nassim Taleb, describing something that actually becomes stronger with stress. The most obvious things that are Antifragile are living organisms, such as people becoming stronger after experiening stressors at the gym. 455 more words

Systems Thinking

A Balance Between Coding and Digital Literacy | Gareth Morgan

An article from EurActiv.com caught my attention this afternoon. Titled, “Computing and digital literacy education needs a unified approach” and authored by the ECDL Foundation, the piece argues that… 70 more words

Communication Breakdown? | Gareth Morgan

The last couple of months have been an extremely busy time for my consultancy. My ICT scheme seems to have had a very good reception from schools. 78 more words

Review of the Art of Science, by Gareth Morgan

As a graduate student in the field of science, I agreed to take on this review request because of the nature of the other reviews I saw floating around the internet. 404 more words

Book Review

Morgan versus Key on flag preference

Gareth Morgan has been given another opportunity to promote his flag change preferences in a Herald column – PM’s flag preference is underwhelming. He criticises Key for stating his preference for a new flag – while promoting, again, what he wants and doesn’t want. 1,154 more words

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