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Gareth Morgan - $50 Million Dollars – What Would You Do?

By Lucy Mullinger elocal magazine

It’s easy to drive past those less affluent areas around New Zealand and say “it’s not my problem, the government needs to do more,” or “they could get a job if they wanted to”. 1,394 more words

Gareth Morgan

Google Apps for Education Event / Chromebook Events | Gareth Morgan

On the morning of Tuesday 17th May I’m hosting, along with my colleagues from C-Learning, a Google Apps for Education event at The Village Hotel, Cardiff. 79 more words

Update To 'Gazing Into My Crystal Ball' | Gareth Morgan

An quick update on my last post ‘Gazing Into My Crystal Ball’ which was about concerns raised by some ICT coordinators regarding the future of the Hwb+/Hwb platform in Wales and what may or may not happen to these platforms. 70 more words

More UBI discussion

Labour have succeeded with one thing – getting some discussion going on a Universal Basic Income.

Gareth Morgan has been promoting his interest at the Morgan Foundation blog: 871 more words


Gazing Into My Crystal Ball | Gareth Morgan

Recently, an interesting question has been raised separately by two ICT co-ordinators. The question they both asked me was, “Will Hwb+ still be here in three years time?” Not being privy to the discussions that could be going on in Welsh Government, I was unable to give them a definitive answer. 60 more words

3D Computer Modelling Apps | Gareth Morgan

I’ve always had quite a soft spot for digital 3D computer modelling. In a previous post I talked about the work I used to do with schools in using the Bamzooki software. 83 more words