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TOP tax policy

The Gareth Morgan Opportunities Party is promoting tax reform as one of their policies. They say it will be a fairer tax system – but the 20% of tax payers who will pay more may not agree. 480 more words


What constitutes radical politics in 2017?

The latest policy release by TOP leader Gareth Morgan that they would like to introduce a $10,000 pa Universal Basic Income for all New Zealanders, starting with parents of under 3’s, and make National Superannuation a means tested top up, is the most “radical” policy announcement from a political party in years. 1,438 more words

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Gareth should stick to killing cats

Gareth Morgan should stick to killing cats, but somehow I bet he’s never killed a single one and his campaign is just like everything else he does and is just slogans.

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Gareth Morgan

A fantastic opportunity for the Opportunities Party on Trademe

Gareth Morgan’s party TOP (The Opportunities Party) missed out on the opportunity to secure all its possible Domain names but luckily someone secured them for them.

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Gareth Morgan

Morgan/TOP aim to hit and run?

Gareth Morgan is piling a heap of time, resources and money into his The Opportunities Party. He is doing some good policy research and floating some ideas worth at least discussing. 550 more words


The Nation - Little, Morgan and water

On The Nation this morning:

Labour leader Andrew Little on how he’s going to pay for his election year promises, Superannuation, and housing.

And @garethmorgannz…

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If you need one reason not to vote for Gareth Morgan’s party – this is it

Gareth Morgan’s The Opportunities Party would ban subsidies on fossil fuels, increase the price of carbon and overhaul energy efficiency efforts under a climate change policy launched this evening.

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