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Digital Competence Framework Update - Competence Headings | Gareth Morgan

Since September 2015, Digital Pioneer Schools from across Wales have been involved in the development of the new Digital Competence Framework. This framework will be available to all schools in Wales from September 2016. 74 more words

Google Cardboard | Gareth Morgan

Just bought myself a Google Cardboard viewer. If you’ve never heard of Google Cardboard then basically it’s a relatively cheap and simple way for a user to experience virtual reality. 86 more words

Google Classroom - My First Lessons | Gareth Morgan

It’s been interesting to see over the last couple of months the number of schools in south east Wales who have ‘gone Google’. If you have read some of my previous posts you will know that I’ve helped to introduce Google for Education into several primary schools across the region, and during a recent conversation with a primary school it became clear that this number is beginning to swell greatly. 42 more words

@GarethMorgannz the universal basic income is inferior to the minimum family tax credit

Gareth Morgan’s universal basic income appears to make everybody better off except those for whom the modern welfare state was established to protect. Examples of these from his online calculator are single mothers and retirees. 411 more words

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Erosion of Pupils Digital Skills | Gareth Morgan

It was with interest that I read these articles over the last couple of days:
BBC website: “Tablets Eroding Pupil’s Digital Skills”The Register: Kids’ Tech Skills Go Backwards Thanks To Tablets And Smartmobes”The Conversation: ICT Is Failing In Schools – Here’s WhyAustralian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority – ICT Literacy Report Shows A Decline In ICT LiteracyNational Assessment Program ICT Literacy – Yrs 6 & 10 Report 2014… 30 more words

Restoring The Balance | Gareth Morgan

In my last post I talked about the balance between coding and digital literacy, and how it was refreshing to read a report from the ECDL saying that perhaps there has recently been too much of a focus on coding at the expense of digital skills.   65 more words