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TOP tax policy

Gareth Morgan has unveiled The Opportunities Party (TOP) tax policy.

Morgan obviously wants to present himself and his party as serious and competent on major policies but a new small party is extremely unlikely to succeed in introducing major tax reform. 843 more words


The Beginning of the End? | Gareth Morgan

Every week I receive the ‘Welsh Government pre-11 Dysg Newsletter’ via email. In Issue 156 (9th November) my eye was drawn to the ‘Hwb Classes Guide’ link ( 87 more words

Opportunities for Who? Gareth Morgan's New Political Party

Last week, eccentric investor Gareth Morgan announced a new political party. Morgan- famous for offering money for kiwis to kill feral cats, has called his new project The Opportunities Party (TOP). 672 more words

Gareth Morgan has fallen for the oldest populist delusion

In founding his own political party, Gareth Morgan has fallen to the populist delusion that all that is needed is for a great leader to get in who is one of us rather than one of them and she will be alright. 609 more words

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The Gareth Morgan Show

It was only a matter of time before Gareth Morgan entered the political sphere with the Opportunities Party. As a wealthy philanthropist, one time economist/kiwisaver fund manager and author of… 451 more words

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Draft Digital Competence Framework Out For Consultation | Gareth Morgan

Don’t know how I missed this but the draft digital competence framework is now available via the Learning Wales website. An opportunity for most schools to look at the framework in detail for the first time and to provide feedback to the Welsh Government via the online questionnaire. 53 more words

Gareth Morgan - $50 Million Dollars – What Would You Do?

By Lucy Mullinger elocal magazine

It’s easy to drive past those less affluent areas around New Zealand and say “it’s not my problem, the government needs to do more,” or “they could get a job if they wanted to”. 1,394 more words

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