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Yurumein: Garifuna Homeland

“Andrea Leland has produced a documentary film that is emotionally perceptive, culturally sensitive, and visually rich. I recommend it highly.

-Virginia Kerns, Ph.D., Author of… 849 more words


“Garifuna in Peril”: Film on How Indigenous Hondurans Unite to Preserve Culture

Vinette K. Pryce reviews the 2012 documentary film Garifuna in Peril—an attempt to work towards the preservation of a rapidly dwindling Afro-Amerindian culture struggling to survive in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize, and Honduras (and the diaspora). 657 more words

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Documentary Film: Andrea Leland’s “Yurumein”

The director of Yurumein (Homeland), award-winning documentary filmmaker Andrea Leland, has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for this upcoming, groundbreaking documentary.  Yurumein captures cultural revival among descendants of Caribbean natives and slaves, the Garifuna nation in St. 417 more words

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World-renowned artists come together for 'A Unique Gathering: Rolex Mentors & Protégés'

One of the most important cultural events in the history of the Baxter Theatre is scheduled to take place over the first weekend in April, when three of the world’s most influential artists come together under the Rolex banner for “ 332 more words

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Reenact Garifuna festival on Banquitas House of Culture of Belize

As “Garifuna Settlement Day” coming, where will you celebrate on this weekend ?  Let’s make a brief historical retrospect. During the 17th  century ,the Garifuna, a hybrid group whose forebears came from Africa and Amazonia, have no heritage of slavery, managed to escape or were shipwrecked off the coast of Dominica or St. 345 more words


St. Vincent: Garifuna Cultural Retrieval Workshop

The Garifuna Cultural Retrieval Workshop in Yurumein/St Vincent and the Grenadines started on Monday, gathering participants that travelled from as far as the North Windward area of Sandy Bay. 186 more words

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