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72 Virgins Anyone?

One word, GARLAND! Texas is different from Paris, or London,mor Pago Pago. Two idiots showed up at the door and BAM, we were 144 virgins short! 278 more words


Meet Pamela Geller, the wealthy housewife-turned-blogger who organized the Texas Muhammad cartoon contest

Pamela Geller was in the news a few weeks ago for sponsoring an ad campaign across major U.S. cities with anti-Muslim posters saying, among other things, “Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah.” 1,005 more words


Garland Texans Kill Two Jihadis

No virgins for these boys. Not all Muslims zealously follow the tenets of Islam including sharia law and jihad. And that’s a good thing because sharia law and jihad are utterly incompatible with a western liberal democracy.



Religion Of Peace Strikes In Texas - Targets: Geert Wilders, Bosch Fawstin And Pamela Geller

Truth-teller Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders, counter-jihad author/blogger Pamela Geller, and counter-jihad artist Bosch Fawstin were the featured guests yesterday when an armed assault by two Muslim jihadis took place at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas.  423 more words


Watch: The Exact Moment Two Reported ISIS Sympathizers Attacked A 'Pro-Free Speech' Cartoonist Convention Yesterday

On Sunday, two armed individuals attacked a cartoonist convention in Garland, Texas which touted itself as a kind of free speech protest. All of the cartoons represented at the convention focused solely on cartoonist’s depictions of Muhammad which is considered offensive to some sects of Islam. 226 more words

Garland - Texted + Comments on Freedom of Speech

Texted last night and this morning by one of BackChannel’s friends —


In the cab.  Men actually left vehicle and were on foot.  Swat told e . 786 more words

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