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Sweet Grain Curry Stew

This recipe came about as I was trying to use up a bunch of veggies. I wanted a hearty stew that felt light so I decided to focus on sweet tastes. 485 more words


Another cheeseball experiment ...

I think I have a cheeseball problem. But I don’t think that is a bad thing. Growing up, we had a cheeseball always at Christmas, but no other time. 257 more words


Got your order in?

With the harvest done, my mind has switched to marketing. Of course I don’t know how much garlic I have to sell exactly yet, but it will be in the ballpark of last year’s amount, I assume. 274 more words


Harvest #3

Another day at the farm and they’re all out of the ground and curing in the barn!! The weather was nice, about 20ishC and a little bit of a breeze sometimes. 333 more words


Way easy simple and delicious ... orzo and Gruyere

This will be breakfast tomorrow. I don’t have much experience with orzo, but this seemed pretty easy and thankfully for me, idiot proof. The biggest point is to be patient. 340 more words


Harvest, Part 2

You know when you don’t use muscles and then you really use them? Well, that’s today. I was out at the farm for 7 hours. I didn’t calculate things correctly and was *very* hungry by the time 5pm came around…those breakfast waffles had burned off at about 2:30 and the snacks I packed weren’t enough for the piggy that is me :) I was just so tired after coming home yesterday that I could not make a big meal in order to have leftovers for today. 371 more words


Sautéed Swiss Chard with Olives

I just found “The Voluptuous Vegan” cookbook in a used bookstore and decided, without knowing anything about it, to take a chance and purchase it. Myra Kornfeld’s name was familiar, though I couldn’t remember from where at the time (later I remembered that she’s worked for Vegetarian Times). 322 more words