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Hi semua abg2 dan kakak2 dan adik2 sekalian. Hari ni saya, #twitterchef kegemaran anda akan share satu recipe yg mudah utk dibuat di rumah mahupun di khemah bila gi camping. 249 more words


Garlic Rice as found in Sri Lankan Restaurants

This recipe can be made with any meat of your preference. This time, I used pork as the meat of my preference. However, you can use this rice dish without any meat.  311 more words

Traditional Filipino Breakfast

This traditional Filipino breakfast consists of fried eggs with tomatoes, amplaya with stirred eggs and tomaoe cuts, and fried dried fish. They best enjoyed with fried rice and hot coffee.

Plate Delights

A Filipino's love affair with rice

One true fact amongst Filipino households is that rice is always part of a meal. Kanin or rice is literally eaten in the morning, noon and night with a good chance of having it in-between too. 466 more words

Pinoy Staples

Small Space. Big Flavor.

Hilary: While we were dining at Takashi, we ended up striking a conversation with the folks at the table next to us. They gave us several restaurant recommendations, one of them being… 743 more words


How Pinoys Do Breakfast

Pinoy is a nickname the Filipino people fondly use. If one wants to be gender specific, Pinoy refers to men and Pinay to women.
Pinoy… 298 more words


Mencoba Masak: Garlic Bread

Hah? Gak salah Mir? Ga salah kok…

Jadi, selama ini saya sih gak bisa masak. Masaknya cuman sebatas rebus indomie, goreng nugget atau sosis. Gak jauh jauh dari situ. 282 more words

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